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Rod Rosenstein: New York Times Report Is Fake News

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The New York Times reports that Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein suggested recording the president conversations, then staging a bloodless coup d’etat by convincing cabinet members to invoke 25th Amendment to the Constitution.

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) claimed in a televised debate for Minnesota’s attorney general position Friday that his accuser fabricated her domestic abuse allegations against him.

Michael Moore’s anti-Trump documentary Fahrenheit 11/9 tanked at the box office, according to Deadline.

Although Fahrenheit 11/9 opened this weekend on a massive number of screens, it is projected to earn a paltry $3 million.

On Friday’s broadcast of CNN’s “AC360,” House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Adam Schiff (D-CA) reacted to reports that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein considered recording the president and discussed the 25th Amendment by stating, “we can’t dismiss the possibility, maybe the probability, that this is being teed up by the president’s allies who want to get rid of Rod Rosenstein.

The Trump administration's devotion to white nationalism comes with a steep price tag. It's not cheap to hold refugee children in detention camps, and it's not cheap to build new child detention camps as the old ones fill up.

It's not unusual for siblings to disagree with each other. It is remarkable, however, when those disagreements are aired in a campaign ad.

Six of Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar's nine siblings appeared in a campaign ad for David Brill, Gosar's Democratic opponent in the upcoming midterm election.

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Video: Rosenstein The Rat Must Go

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