Quick, Watch What BLM Did In Seattle To 'Honor' MLK Before Some Liberal Tells Amazon To Kill It

Written By BlabberBuzz | Wednesday, 20 January 2021 00:00

A dozen arrests were made on Monday after Black Lives Matter protesters formed a blockade in Seattle, Washington, highway.

A total of 12 people were detained after protesters spray-painted “BLM” on Seattle’s Interstate 5 and barred the roadway and caused delays, according to KIRO 7 Seattle.

“BLM protesters shut down the freeway in Seattle,” journalist Andy Ngo tweeted, along with a video of the disturbance.

Two cars were also reportedly seized at the scene.

“A total of 12 arrested and will be booked. Roadway is clear,” the Seattle police tweeted after the scene was cleared. “Great job by @wastatepatrol troopers who responded and took care of this situation. Thanks for those in the backup for your patience.”

Black Lives Matter protests were set to take place across the country Monday on what would have been Dr. Martin Luther King’s 92nd birthday.

Wednesday's Capitol Hill protests were criticized by the US media, which described the event as an "attempted coup" and "insurrection", calling the mob "pro-Trump extremists". US President Donald Trump and the GOP leadership also denounced those who infiltrated the Capitol and were involved in looting and violent conflicts.

Still, some critics have challenged the wording chosen by the mainstream press to describe the DC event, versus how the media portrayed the months-long nationwide Black Lives Matter protests in the wake of George Floyd's death in May 2020. American journalist Andy Ngo questioned in his tweet why similarly strong language was not implemented on the rioters "who stormed, destroyed, looted and torched government buildings" in the summer of 2020. "Why were the months-long attempts to burn down the federal courthouse in downtown Portland not called an 'insurrection'?" Ngo asked rhetorically.

He denounced the social media and officials for not denouncing the violence. "The mainstream media in America has been very biased", says National Security Public Safety Executive Derek Maltz. "And this is obviously very hypocritical, because when they were burning down Washington, DC, and Seattle, and Portland, Oregon, and Minneapolis, we never heard too many Democrats come out and speak about and condemn that kind of activity. They were breaking laws every day, they were destroying businesses, they were putting innocent business owners out of business. They were causing fear and anxiety from legitimate residents. And we never really heard anything."

There is a major difference between how the BLM and Capitol Hill protests have been described in the American media, Maltz stresses, adding that this summer, the press was acting "like it was a legitimate protest", while rioters were perpetrating atrocities. He condemned the group of DC demonstrators who "stepped well above the line" on 6 January, and "did something that was outrageous, and that should not be tolerated".

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