WATCH: DOJ Set To Indict Texas Democrat Rep.Henry Cueller, What's At Stake, You Ask?

By Greg Moriarty | Saturday, 04 May 2024 04:30 PM
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Image Credit : Townhall Media

Democratic Representative Henry Cuellar of Texas is reportedly on the brink of being indicted by the Department of Justice (DOJ) over his business ties with Azerbaijan.

As previously reported by RedState, Cuellar's residence was searched by the FBI in January 2022, with agents removing boxes of materials. The Congressman vowed to "fully cooperate" at the time, expressing his desire for justice and the law to be upheld.

However, this commitment has not shielded him from the repercussions of the ongoing investigation. According to sources familiar with the case who spoke to Fox News Digital, the DOJ plans to indict Cuellar on Friday.

Cuellar, who recently triumphed over Republican Cassy Garcia in the TX-28 district, has been under scrutiny due to allegations of accepting funds from a Mexican politician linked to drug cartels. This district has witnessed a notable shift towards the GOP, largely attributed to the border crisis.


The specifics of Cuellar's interactions with Azerbaijan, which have led to his impending indictment, remain undisclosed. In April, Cuellar's attorney stated that the Congressman was the subject of the investigation, a claim that now appears to have been incorrect.


Despite the looming indictment, Cuellar has declared his intention to seek re-election. This is seen as a positive development for Republicans aiming to gain ground in the traditionally Democrat-dominated area. Garcia had previously criticized the Biden administration's border policies in an effort to stem the political shift.

Given the worsening border situation since 2022 and his current legal predicaments, Cuellar's chances of re-election may be in jeopardy. The unfolding situation will reveal more in due course. This is a developing story.