About BlabberBuzz

The Case For Freedom

Mainstream media is mostly liberal, and the censorship of alternative opinions from traditional social media is fundamentally unAmerican. BlabberBuzz is constituted as a bullhorn against the silencing of conservative ideas and tyrannical cancel culture.

BlabberBuzz's Mission

BlabberBuzz’s mission is to provide a fun, creative way to learn about conservative values as well as share what has become a growing rarity - diversity of thought. BlabberBuzz stands unapologetically in the public square as a beacon of freedom and refuses to go quietly into the night. Hear Ye!

The Culture War Is Going Strong

Politics is downstream of culture, and it is clear that the culture is increasingly being infected by wokeness, the hypersexualization of minors, and literal devil worship. The culture war over the soul of America is in high gear and the Trojan horse is in the city.

Americans must fight back in order to protect the freedoms granted in the Constitution, and the value system that birthed the West - by taking our culture back. BlabberBuzz is arming freedom-loving Americans with the arguments and courage to contend against censorship in school, work, entertainment, and public discourse.