Inside The Jury Box: Here's What Potential Jurors Say Is Intriguing About Trump...

By Jennifer Wentworth | Wednesday, 17 April 2024 04:10 PM
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In the process of jury selection, two potential jurors expressed their admiration for former President Donald Trump's forthright communication style, appreciating his tendency to express his views without reservation.

One prospective juror, during her interaction with Trump's attorney, Todd Blanche, praised the former President's candidness. "He speaks his mind, which is commendable. If I were to express my thoughts about people all the time – there are things I wish to say to people, but my mother taught me to be polite," she said.

Another potential juror, who generally avoids political discourse, expressed her preference for Trump's straightforwardness over the ambiguity often associated with political figures. "President Trump speaks his mind, and I find that preferable to having someone in office whose thoughts are unclear," she stated.


A third woman, who has been a resident of the Big Apple for half a century, acknowledged Trump's significant impact on the city's real estate landscape, despite her political differences with him. "There is very little we probably agree on policy-wise," she admitted. However, she also confessed to occasional frustrations, similar to many others, with Trump's policies. "Sometimes I get frustrated with it like anybody does," she confessed. "I have family members that support him. We manage to have decent conversations about that."

These statements highlight the diverse perspectives of potential jurors, reflecting a range of opinions on Trump's outspoken nature and his influence on various aspects of American life.