Black Hollywood Actress Issues Bone-Chilling Warning With Trump Derangement Syndrome In FULL Force

By Jennifer Wentworth | Tuesday, 09 April 2024 04:30 PM
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Jennifer Lewis, a celebrated actress renowned for her role in the sitcom Black-ish and often referred to as the Mother of Black Hollywood, recently expressed her strong political views during an interview with Zerlina Maxwell on the SiriusXM show, Mornings with Zerlina.

Lewis made a bold comparison between President Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler, and also made a controversial statement about the demographic shift in the United States.

During the interview, Lewis painted a vivid and dramatic picture of what she believes would happen if Trump were to be re-elected. "As soon as he takes the oath, he will have generals walk down the steps of the Capitol. He will take a hammer and break the glass where the Constitution is. And he will tear it up in our faces and say 'now I'm the king of the f*cking world. You will bow down bitches!" she stated.

Lewis further claimed that Trump would retaliate against those who did not support him. "He will punish everybody that didn't vote for him. Let me tell y'all how I know this sh*t!" she declared, before attributing her assertions to her understanding of mental illness. "I know it because I know what mental illness looks like!" she exclaimed, her voice rising with emotion. "That mania is unstoppable! See, this motherf*cker's Hitler," she added, with Maxwell affirming her statement.


In addition to her critique of Trump, Lewis also addressed the racial dynamics in America. She suggested that white Americans are apprehensive about becoming a minority. "Black people don't want to fight you," she stated solemnly. "All we want to do is feed our children and be equal. But honey, white people are scared, they're becoming a minority."


She further claimed that the demographic shift is causing fear and resistance among white Americans. "The world is brown, and they're gonna do everything they can to stay in those gated communities, not pay taxes, and put those n*ggers in their places, and get those wetbacks out of this God damned country, 'we own this bitch,'" she said. However, she concluded her statement on a hopeful note, asserting, "you will not win. Because love is the answer."

Lewis, who has also starred in Disney's The Princess and the Frog, Sister Act, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and other notable shows and films, urged everyone to participate in the 2024 presidential election.