Victims Expose CHILLING Tactics Of Venezuelan Gang Invading America

By Tommy Wilson | Saturday, 16 March 2024 11:10 PM
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A Venezuelan street gang, Tren de Aragua, has been linked to a series of violent incidents across the United States in recent weeks.

The gang members, who have reportedly entered the country illegally, have sparked fears among Venezuelan migrants who sought refuge in the U.S. to escape the gang's reign of terror in their home country.

Immigration attorney Ronaldo Vasquez, in a conversation with Frontlines' Julio Rosas, revealed an increasing number of Venezuelans residing in the U.S. have reached out to him, expressing their fears about the gang's growing presence. "The people we ran from in Venezuela, some very dangerous people, are coming through the border," they warned him. Despite the confidentiality and anonymity of these communications, many are too frightened to publicly voice their concerns, underscoring the gang's intimidating influence over the Venezuelan community.

A migrant, who lost friends to the brutal violence of Tren de Aragua, described the gang as a clandestine force that terrorizes civilians. The gang uses fear as a weapon, manipulating people into voting or behaving in a certain manner, often under the threat of harm to their family members. "They don't have any morals, or basic concept of respect for human life," he said. He also revealed that several families in Miami continue to pay the gang to protect their relatives in Venezuela from potential harm.


Another migrant shared his harrowing experience of being continually extorted by a member of Tren de Aragua. The gang member, driven by greed, threatened to kidnap and murder the migrant's wife and daughter. "These are not your average criminals," the migrant cautioned. "These are people who are really coming to threaten the national security of this country ... They'll start inconspicuously, and before you know it, they own the city, because the power they have is tremendous."


The gang's criminal activities extend beyond intimidation and extortion. They have been implicated in numerous robberies in New York City and the brutal assault of NYPD officers. Most notably, the suspected murderers of 22-year-old Georgia nursing student Laken Riley and his brother are believed to be members of this notorious gang.