See It Here: Marjorie Taylor Greene Makes BIG Announcement On Twitter

Written By BlabberBuzz | Friday, 02 June 2023 08:35
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Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene from Georgia has unveiled her plan to release the long-awaited January 6 tapes, though not directly to the public.

Greene has enlisted House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to grant access to the cache of video footage to three selected outlets, namely, John Solomon of Just the News, Julie Kelly of American Greatness, and a yet-unnamed third party. These sources are expected to analyze the footage and report their findings publicly.

On Twitter, Greene expressed her enthusiasm regarding the impending release, stating, "I'm excited to share the good news that just as I promised the J6 tapes are being released!" She elaborated that McCarthy has offered these chosen outlets "unfettered access to the J6 tapes."

Greene's announcement was mostly met with approval. However, there were dissenting voices, primarily focused on the decision to grant only a handful of media entities access, as opposed to an immediate release to the public.

A high-profile right-wing Twitter user, Catturd, voiced such concerns, stating, "The promise was to release it to the public. Releasing it to 3 members of the press is a million miles away from that... Tired of these games."


In response to such criticisms, Greene defended her decision to have the footage vetted by the select journalists, citing the need to protect those at the riot from potential exposure and harm. "I would love for everyone to be able to see the J6 tapes," she stated, "except the funded Antifa internet trolls that can't wait to comb through every ounce of video with facial recognition software in order to doxx every person that simply stood on the Capitol grounds that day."


She elaborated on her fears, stating that the trolls above could "ruin their lives," resulting in FBI raids and potential DOJ persecution. Julie Kelly, one of the selected journalists, echoed these sentiments and added that making such a vast amount of footage publicly available would be logistically impractical.

This is not the first time the tapes have been granted restricted access. Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson was previously allowed to view the footage, though only a fraction of it was shown on his program before it was discontinued. The public now awaits the findings of Solomon, Kelly, and the third outlet, as promised by Greene.