Top U.S. General Issues New Dire Warning About China's Secret Cyber Army Targeting This

Written By BlabberBuzz | Sunday, 28 May 2023 22:45
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Look out for yet another threat from China, but this time it's a cyberattack.

Fox News senior strategic analyst General Jack Keane is sounding the alarm about another threat from China. According to him, if the two countries go to war, China will have one serious advantage: cyberattacks on U.S. infrastructure.

Keane recently spoke about the threat on Fox & Friends. According to Keane, China is launching massive cyberattacks already. He says this happens within the country and at military bases worldwide. He does not doubt that a hot war would lead to massive attacks.

According to Fox, Keane said, "And so our view is, understand, if we ever got in a war with China where our ships, airplanes, rockets and missiles and troops are involved with theirs in a conventional fight, China would attack our homeland quite massively using the cyber capability to defeat our electric grid, our oil and gas distribution, even our financial sector to try to defeat us at home as much as defeat us in the Pacific region."


Microsoft says it's already happening. According to the company, state-sponsored Volt Typhoon, a cyber actor, targets infrastructure and companies inside the United States. Microsoft recently released a statement saying that Typhoon is engaging in espionage and trying to retrieve information. The company further points out that they discovered the malicious activity aimed at critical infrastructure.


The U.S. Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency notes that Typhoon is associated with China. The agency believes that Typhoon can use the same techniques he did with Microsoft on critical infrastructure in the United States or worldwide.

Now, federal agencies recommend that companies take extra precautions to enhance cyber security. This may include reviewing and updating firewalls, monitoring log usage, taking the time to investigate unfamiliar I.P. addresses, and any other measures necessary to increase cyber security.