Hometown Paper Calls Out Kevin McCarthy For His Unwavering Support Of Trump

By Ryan Canady | Sunday, 26 March 2023 20:30
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The hometown paper for Speaker McCarthy has called him out for “holding water” for Trump.

The Fresno Bee put out a story this Friday that went after McCarthy for taking shots at Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and his ongoing investigation into President Trump’s alleged scheme to pay off Stormy Daniels in exchange for her silence about their alleged affair before the 2016 election.

Raw Story reports that the editorial board of the Fresno Bee went after McCarthy for allegedly jumping the gun when it comes to slinging accusations at Bragg. The paper’s editors are not pleased that McCarthy has been doing everything in his power to ensure he is trying to tear down Bragg before all of the facts are out related to the grand jury investigating McCarthy.

McCarthy has accused the U.S. Justice Department of being “weaponized” against Donald Trump. A lot of this manifested from the fact that the Justice Department is still investigating the FBI raid of Mar-A-Lago to try to find classified documents on the property.

The editors of the paper wrote: “So it is ironic that, in advance of Bragg bringing his case, both Jordan and Comer fired a pre-emptive strike at the DA,” and “On March 20 they and Rep. Bryan Steil of Wisconsin, who heads the House Administration Committee, sent a letter to Bragg asking for documentation on the Trump case and demanding he provide testimony to the various committees.”


They carried on by saying:

“His comments about Bragg are another example of him lending cover to Trump. If there was ever a time for McCarthy and the GOP to move on from the former President, it is now. But does McCarthy have the courage to do just that? The answer would be no.”

Overall, it shouldn’t be that stunning that an editorial board in California is doing all it can to take shots at a Republican Speaker of the House. However, many who voted to elect McCarthy in the first place feel that he is doing all he should do to help protect the former President. Plenty feel that Trump is being unfairly treated by the grand jury and others in New York, and they are standing up and letting their voices be heard. That is something that McCarthy will not back away from at this time.