Explosive Revelations: FBI Whistleblowers Expose This SHOCKING Secret Agreement For Gun Rights

Written By BlabberBuzz | Sunday, 26 March 2023 05:15
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FBI whistleblowers are sounding the alarm about a new way the agency is being used for political agendas.

According to whistleblowers, a secret agreement eliminated a defendant’s rights to use, own or buy a gun, and the FBI was involved. The Washington Examiner says, “The FBI and Secret Service worked behind closed doors with an apparent prosecutor in 2019 to condition the signing of the form, which also stripped at least 60 people of their gun rights between 2011 and 2019, according to multiple Washington Examiner reports.”

These are just the latest in a series of events that have shed light on the politicization of government agencies, including the FBI. Now that Republicans are in control of the House of Representatives, they’ve launched a committee and investigation into the weaponization of government agencies.

Steve Friend is a former FBI agent. After he had a problem with the investigations of the January 6 Capitol Riots, he was put on leave in August 2022. Per the Washington Examiner, Friend says, “These actions to deny Americans Second Amendment rights are wholly unconstitutional and illegal.”


No one knows why the FBI was involved in the 2019 case or understands why the form was used. The form, when used, registered people into the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System. On the form, people were asked to identify as a “danger” to themselves or others or as lacking the “mental capacity to adequately contract” their lives, making owning or operating a gun illegal.


It has previously been determined that if a person is committed to a mental facility or deemed mentally unfit to own a gun, they cannot possess a firearm. Still, the act that makes this possible doesn’t allow a person to determine they are unfit.

The forms were given to at least five hospitals and medical centers to use on patients. However, the GOP is not going to stand for this. Per The Washington Examiner, “In December 2022, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and its affiliated weaponization subcommittee, said he was eyeing up subpoenas in connection to the forms.”

The GOP vowed investigations into the use of the forms but has not been as loud about initiating an investigation since taking the majority in the House.