ANOTHER Florida College Fires Its Chief Diversity Official

Written By BlabberBuzz | Sunday, 26 March 2023 19:25
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As Florida continues to crack down on schools teaching things that fall under the category of diversity, equity, and inclusion, the staff that held positions are getting the axe.

The latest is a DEI official from the State College of Florida, a public college.

According to the Conservative Daily News, “State College of Florida (SCF) terminated Dr. Brenda Pinkney, current DEI director, and tenured faculty member because it will not renew the position in June, Pinkney told the Herald-Tribune on Thursday. The decision was reportedly made earlier this week. Pinkney speculates that it was made in response to legislative efforts to crack down on DEI’s presence on Sunshine State college campuses.”

A bill is currently going through the Florida Legislature to shake up higher education, slowly eliminating DEI. The schools will no longer permit DEI majors, minors, activities, and courses. Schools that do have them will be expected to eliminate them.

This has left many staff involved in these programs, such as DEI director Dr. Pinkney, expecting to be terminated. If they are not terminated, they’ll be moved, but that’s only if the school has another position for them.


Pinkney said she wondered what would happen and almost expected a quick termination. However, she didn’t expect it to happen as quickly as it did.

Pinkney was employed at the university for about forty years. She was promoted to the DEI director role in 2020. However, instead of moving her to another position, she was quickly told there needed to be more funding to keep her position open.

This isn’t the only college in Florida that has begun axing people involved in a DEI program. New College of Florida also eliminated four positions on its campus. However, those people were given new jobs at the school. No one has stated why that didn’t happen to Pinkney.