Antifa-Backed Homeless Man Threatens To Burn Down Neighbor's House, Guess What The Police Did?

Written By BlabberBuzz | Friday, 24 March 2023 14:10
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A homeless man in Portland, Oregon, has pitched a tent given to him beside a woman’s house.

He’s repeatedly threatened to torch her house, so she called the police. A police officer was dispatched to the scene but could not take any action.

The woman, Vivicia Elliot, was concerned about how close his tent was to her home and the reason for approaching him. In return, he repeatedly yelled that he would burn her house down.

Per The Daily Mail, “The woman told KPTV police said that, despite the alleged threat, police could not arrest him or force him to move his tent - provided by an Antifa group - because no crime had been committed.”

Elliot says that the People’s Housing Project LLC is the group that supplied the tent to the homeless man. The organization gives tents to homeless individuals, which they’ve done for several years. However, the group itself is marred with controversy.


In response to accusations, a spokesperson for the organization said that plenty of people don’t support helping the homeless. The spokesperson has yet to address any controversial remarks about the organization.

According to The Daily Mail, “An investigation by one outlet revealed that the organization has been accused of being a ‘fake charity scam’ and that at least one group member, a self-identifying ‘commie,’ was arrested during an Antifa protest in October 2020.”


The group has been accused of being a scam. The Daily Mail reports the LLC fraudulently raised around $60,000 for homeless people, with 80% of those funds spent on other expenses and personal expenses.

Elliot says that the group has excellent intentions, but she doesn’t think they understand the impact they are having on communities. Now Elliot is at a loss as to what to do. She is scared and concerned for her neighbors. She says that homeless people have come into her yard, which is trespassing. They have thrown trash and needles onto her property, which is dangerous.

In a statement, a People’s Housing Project LLC representative acknowledged the issue, “As an organization that provides emergency shelters and services to houseless folks, we are very familiar with neighbors who are frustrated with the city’s failure to fix the housing crisis.”