American Aid Worker Held Hostage In Africa For More Than 6 Years Is FINALLY Freed (Video)

Written By BlabberBuzz | Wednesday, 22 March 2023 14:10
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National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan made a huge announcement.

A man held hostage in Africa since 2016 has finally been freed. After six years, everyone is relieved that this man is free.

Per Fox News, “‘The U.S. thanks Niger for its help in bringing him home to all who miss & love him,’ Sullivan said. ‘I thank so many across our government who’ve worked tirelessly toward securing his freedom.’”

Hostage Jeff Woodke was kidnapped from his home in 2016. Men ambushed his home and killed his guards. Then, they held him at gunpoint at his home in Abalak, Niger. They kept him at gunpoint and forced him to get in a truck.

A senior official from the Biden administration spoke briefly on the release of Jeff Woodke, but they did not say what led to his release. They did say that no ransom was paid, and they did not make a concession for his release.

In 2018, a person said that Woodke was being held along the border of Niger and Mali and was only alive so that he could be used as a bargaining chip. This makes sense because officials said that he was released outside of Niger in a region that includes Mali.


Els Woodke, his wife, is grateful that he’s alive. She said she doesn’t know if he’s healthy yet, but he’s safe. According to Fox News, “‘In a statement released through a family spokesperson, Els Woodke also said she ‘praises God for answering the prayers of Christians everywhere who have prayed for this outcome,’ the Associated Press reported.”

The government has not released any information regarding the people behind the kidnapping. However, Fox News reports several groups work with Al Qaeda in the area.