This State Is About To Come Down HARD On Punishments For Rioters...

By Ryan Canady | Tuesday, 21 March 2023 09:30
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New legislation will make punishments worse for rioters in the Tar Hill State.

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper states that he will NOT veto a bill sent to his desk that will increase punishments for rioters in the state.

Fox News reports that the GOP-led legislature sent a bill to the desk of the Governor that would increase penalties on rioters. The bill passed through the bipartisan legislature, and the governor had until Monday to veto it. However, he has stated that he will not do so. The Associated Press reports that the governor let the bill become law without his signature. This is a move that the Governor can make, given the laws in the state. It allows him to allow the bill to become the law of the land without his express approval.

The decision to allow the law to go into effect may help prevent what could have been an override by the heavily GOP legislature in North Carolina. Therefore, Governor Cooper might simply be making sure that he is getting out of the way of a potentially embarrassing situation where he could have an override.

Social activists have argued that this piece of legislation could make it more difficult for everyday people to protest against actions by their government that they disagree with. They claim it could have a chilling effect on protests throughout the state.


Cooper put out a news release that stated that changes “were made to modify this legislation’s effect” after similar legislation was vetoed by him just two years earlier. He said he still has some concerns about the legislation but will allow it to go into effect without his signature.

He said: “Property damage and violence are already illegal, and my continuing concerns about the erosion of the First Amendment and the disparate impacts on communities of color will prevent me from signing this legislation,”

Overall, it appears that the North Carolina Governor is scared about a potential veto override by the legislature.