University Of Pittsburgh Under Fire By Students And Lawmakers To CANCEL Upcoming Conservative Speaker

By Ryan Canady | Sunday, 19 March 2023 20:30
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Students at the University of Pittsburgh are canning the school’s decision to bow to the pressure of Democrat lawmakers and cancel a speech by a conservative speaker.

The Daily Caller reports that Democrat politicians in Pennsylvania are demanding that the university cancel a scheduled speech meant to be given by a passionate conservative speaker on campus. The politicians alleged that the speaker was engaging in “hate speech," but many students feel this is nothing more than code for “we don’t agree with this speaker.".

Conservative student groups on campus plan to host Daily Wire commentator Michael Knowles, Senior Editor Cabot Phillips, and former University of Kentucky swimmer and Independent Women’s Forum spokeswoman Riley Gaines at various events on campus, according to an Instagram post by those groups. They want to make a good impression on these speakers, but it seems that the university is trying to avoid letting that happen.

The LGBTQ+ Equality Caucus, led by Democratic state Reps. Jessica Benham and Malcolm Kenyatta issued a statement demanding that the university scrap its plans to allow these speakers on campus.

Benham said the following during the speech: “I am shocked, appalled, and outraged that an institution as prestigious as the University of Pittsburgh is allowing these events to occur on their property and bolstering these hateful individuals,” and “This is not a free speech issue. Hate speech is not protected speech. This is about the safety of transgender students and recognizing that transgender people exist.”


“It’s really sad when you have people who are supposed to do an accurate job of representing their country, their party, but they’re not willing to listen to the other side. Even many people within their party, they’re not accurately listening to,” said Gaines while speaking with the Daily Caller about the potential cancelation of these events. It is something that is concerning to conservative speakers all over the place. They feel like they are being boxed out of opportunities left and right, and it primarily comes from an activist branch of young liberals on campus that are trying to cancel ideas they disagree with.