Ew Gross! Utah Middle School Teacher Makes Students Do Abhorrent Things In The Name Of The "Climate'

Written By BlabberBuzz | Friday, 17 March 2023 05:15
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Nebo School District in Utah has stirred controversy by instructing middle school students to write an essay arguing for the consumption of insects rather than cows as part of an English assignment.

According to Fox News Digital, the assignment was based on the premise that the mass production and consumption of bug-based foods is more environmentally friendly than that of beef. Some students were even given extra credit for actually consuming the bugs, which the District sourced from a commercial site.

Amanda Wright, the mother of one of the students, condemned the assignment, claiming it was part of a concerted effort to indoctrinate children into a "dark climate change religion." After meeting with school administrators, she recorded the principal, Alison Hansen, saying, "the assignment was about finding facts to support" the climate alarmist premise. Kim Cutler, a teacher at the school, told Wright's daughter that there was no evidence to support not eating bugs.

However, experts at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences have suggested that there is similarly little evidence to suggest that the mass rearing of insects won't turn out to be calamitous. A 2019 study in the journal Trends in Ecology & Evolution cautioned that by rushing into the mass production and consumption of insects, "we risk creating an industry that replaces one environmental problem with another."


When speaking recently at the World Economic Forum, Siemens AG chairman Jim Hagemann called on people to stop eating meat to curb the specter of climate change. The WEF also ran an article in February 2022 touting bugs as "an excellent alternative source of protein" and a way to "significantly reduce our carbon footprint."

The Guardian ran an op-ed in 2018 claiming that reducing meat intake is crucial to avoiding climate breakdown and that the mass production of beans and pulses is the way forward.


It appears that alarmists and technocrats are increasingly pushing the masses to abandon real beef in favor of lab-grown cancer-based synthetic meat and bug-eating advocacy.

Nebo School District's recent assignment has sparked debate, with some raising questions about the ethics of forcing children to advocate for a certain lifestyle. Despite the District's statement that students were offered an alternative topic if they felt uncomfortable, the fact that the District offered extra credit for consuming bugs remains concerning.

Swedish researchers' warnings that the environmental benefits of eating insects remain uncertain highlight the need for further research into the sustainability criteria of the industry.