Connecticut Coffee Shop Receiving MAJOR Backlash For It's Name

Written By BlabberBuzz | Tuesday, 07 February 2023 16:30
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The left is often called woke as politics continues to progress.

They say they have woke policies, such as the transgender ideology that they shove down our children’s throats. However, one coffee shop missed the memo.

A coffee shop in Connecticut named itself Woke Breakfast &Coffee. They instantly began to receive intense backlash from people that thought it was a political message. However, the coffee shop said it was referring to people waking up and drinking a cup of coffee, and the name of the shop has nothing to do with politics.

Carmen Quiroga ran the coffee shop with her husband and was caught entirely off guard by the backlash. She said she didn’t know about the controversy and that the name meant to wake up and drink a coffee. She’s heartbroken that people will boycott her business over the word. One resident said she should post a sign that says it’s an idiot-free zone.


The controversy then spread to social media. The Coventry CT Citizens Open Forum on Facebook had to publish a warning to those in the forum about the heated argument. The warning pointed out how ridiculous it is that people would not support a small business trying to grow in the community because of something so small. Per Fox News, “‘If you are that close-minded that you can’t grasp that the name is referring to the fact that it is a breakfast establishment and nothing more, then just keep that to yourself and move on,’ wrote administrator Tonya Landrie Ohlund.”

The Republican Town Committee also posted a notice on social media to ensure that conservatives know the name has nothing to do with politics.

While politics are second nature to some of us, it’s essential to understand that some people aren’t involved in politics and might not know the specific terms used. It’s beautiful that the Republican Town Committee reached out to residents to help clear up the misunderstanding.