Pressing The Brakes On The Woke: College Board Makes This Major Announcement Regarding AP Class Curriculm

Written By BlabberBuzz | Friday, 03 February 2023 01:15
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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has had a victory in the fight against far-left political propaganda in the state's African American History AP course. After DeSantis' criticism of the course, The College Board was forced to edit the controversial parts of the curriculum.

The course, which was initially designed to teach students about the history and culture of African American people, was found to have included elements of far-left political propaganda. This prompted DeSantis to call for the course to be changed or removed from the state's AP courses.

The College Board has agreed to edit the course to remove any of the controversial elements. The revised course will focus on "the history, contributions, and struggles of African Americans in the United States."


The move has been welcomed by many, including Florida Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran, who praised the governor for his stance against the far-left political propaganda. Corcoran said, "Governor DeSantis' leadership on this issue has been exemplary, and I thank him for standing up for our kids and making sure they receive an education free from radical ideology."

The College Board's decision to edit the African American history course has been met with harsh criticism from some on the left. Many have accused DeSantis of censorship and pandering to his conservative base.