Corrupt On A Whole New Level: Gavin Newsom's Wife Makes MILLIONS By Charging California Public Schools To Do This...

By Ryan Canady | Thursday, 02 February 2023 05:15
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Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom’s wife reportedly made millions of dollars by getting a requirement that public schools show certain films in motion.

The Daily Caller reports that those films were about “intersectional gender justice,” based on reporting by Open the Books, a watchdog group.

Jennifer Siebel Newsom, the wife of Governor Newsom, runs a non-profit named The Representation Project. This is a group that purports to fight sexism through the use of films and other educational documents. According to Open the Books, the group charged California schools between $49 and $599 to stream the films it put out.

Records show that Jennifer Newsom has brought $1.5 million in film licensing money and another $1.7 million in sales of the documentaries her group has put out, including The Great American Lie and Fair Play. These films are about systemic inequalities in gender throughout the country.


Jennifer Newsom wrote and directed these films, and they have been shown in 5,000 schools across all 50 states. Approximately 2.6 million school children have been exposed to these films, and Newsom has been able to rack in an incredible amount of money from creating these films. The average cost to stream the films was $270, according to reports by the Daily Caller.


Some curriculums come with the films and are meant to be paired with them. This means that students get the full impact of the films that Newsom is aiming for. It’s another way that Newsom can try to justify charging such a high price for the films they have sent out to schools throughout the country.

The Sacramento Bee reported that William Springer filed a complaint after his 12-year-old daughter was forced to watch “The Mask You Live In,” a Newsom film at Creekside Middle School. The complaint was that the film showed nude images of females in lurid positions. Some said that those images were disturbing and inappropriate for children.

The Representation Project did not immediately respond to calls for comment from the Daily Caller. What can be determined from all of this is that students are being shown films put out by Newsom’s non-profit regardless of how parents might feel about them. On top of that, the Newsom family is bringing in huge sums of money from those films.