Better Stay Behind Bars For Good: Shoplifting Thug Charged In Homicide Of Elderly Home Depot Worker

Written By BlabberBuzz | Saturday, 28 January 2023 12:00
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In Hillsborough, North Carolina, the search for a person responsible for an elderly Home Depot employee’s death is finally over.

The Western Journal says, “Terry McMillian Jr. was arrested on Tuesday in connection with the death of 82-year-old Gary Rasor, who was assaulted back in October and later died of his injuries.”.

Terry McMillian Jr. is being held behind bars without bail and charged with first-degree murder. The incident took place on October 18. According to video footage of the incident, the suspect stole three pressure washers from Home Depot. The victim, an 83-year-old man, intervened. The robber shoved him down and took off. However, Rasor died over the next month due to injuries.

Rasor was described as an outstanding citizen, and his death shocked the community. Police immediately went to work to find the suspect behind the murder. Now, they’re thankful that justice is being served.

The Western Journal says, “‘We are glad we were able to bring some closure to this case and are very appreciative of the family’s patience and support,’ Hillsborough Police Chief Duane Hampton said. ‘This was a team effort involving many of our local criminal justice partners, the [State Bureau of Investigation], and the public.’”


A member of the department, Andy Simmons, said it was ridiculous that someone would do this to steal a few things. Rasor was survived by his son, Jeff, who stated that it was hard to comprehend that someone would do this to steal a couple of power washers. The attack left Rasor with fractured bones and the inability to walk.

The District Attorney is not asking for the death penalty. However, the suspect can receive the maximum sentence, which is death without the possibility of parole.