A Dose Of Reality: Red State Proposes New Measures To Combat The Radical Trans Agenda

By Jean Robor | Monday, 23 January 2023 19:25
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North Dakota residents had better watch more than their P’s and Q’s. They should watch their language as well in state-funded institutions.

If passed, a state senate bill would fine people $1,500 each time they use pronouns referring to themselves that don’t match the gender they were assigned at birth. The bill could be enforced anywhere that receives state funding, including state agencies and public schools.

According to the Blaze, the bill requires “any entity receiving state funding, including a public school, an institution under the control of the state board of higher education, and a state agency or office,” to use only the pronouns referring to a person’s biological sex.

According to the Blaze, if there is any confusion about a person’s gender, it would be determined by a “reality-affirming requirement’: the individual’s DNA.

This week Senator David Clemens, a sponsor of the bill and Vietnam Vet, said it intends to sway schools from “promoting transgenderism.” The father of four chose to stand up against the systemic embrace of LGBT speech conventions. Others believe the intent is to discriminate and that it could impact behavioral health providers in North Dakota.


On January 10, Senate Bill 2199 was introduced by Clemens and fellow Republican Senators Kent Weston and Shawn Vedaa with Representatives Bill Tveit, Austen Schauer, and Karen Anderson.

Activists are up in arms over the proposed bill. According to the Blaze, some have resorted to personally attacking Clemens, saying he looks like Captain Kangaroo.

The Washington Times reported Christina Sambor, a North Dakota Human Rights Coalition member, said, “Its very purpose is gender-based discrimination.”


The Bismarck Tribune reported Republican Representative Brandon Prichard offered that the bill is a defense of the innocence of children. He said, “There is a broader assault on children’s innocence in this country, and if somebody–if I don’t step up to it, I’m worried that no one else will.”

The Blaze reported Clemens stated the reality-affirming bill might be used in this way, “Say they’re a boy, but they come to school and say they’re a girl. As far as that school is concerned in this bill, that person is still a boy. If it becomes contested, the burden will be on the girl, the so-called girl, or the boy to prove that he is a girl.”

The $1,500 penalty would be imposed for those using reality-denying pronouns. The legislation extends to communications, training, procedures, policies, and records of state-funded institutions.

After hearing differing opinions, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted unanimously to recommend the bill not be passed. The legislation will be voted on the Senate floor on Friday.