Returning Rights To Parents: Wisconsin School Boards Introduce Policy Fighting The Woke Agenda

Written By BlabberBuzz | Thursday, 19 January 2023 09:30
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Woke agenda continues to sweep across the nation.

Schools are developing policies to promote transgender ideology and to hide it from parents. However, this school board is fighting back and giving the power back to parents.

School boards in Wisconsin are now implementing policies requiring a parent’s permission before students can change their name and gender at school. The new policy is a considerable effort that schools are making to be transparent with parents and to encourage parents and schools to work together.

School boards also feel like this move will help children and can help address the anxiety or confusion children are experiencing.

According to the Daily Caller, “‘The stress and anxiety related to issues such as gender identity will continue to cause problems for a teenager the longer the child has to hide the issue from parents and delay seeking guidance and assistance from parents,’ Corrie Houston, a Muskego resident, said at the Monday board meeting, according to WTMJ News. ‘Hiding a child’s problem or concerns from parents will delay resolution to the problem and extend the confusion a child may be experiencing.’”


Houston also pointed out that it’s not the school’s job to oppose how she raises her child.

Another resident stated that the school is not transparent if they hide what a child is going through. A father in the District pointed out that he’s notified about his child’s grades and everything else, so he should be informed of things like this as well.

Under the new guidance, parents must give written or electronic consent before the school can use a different name, gender, or pronoun. On top of that, students will only be allowed to use the bathroom and locker room that correlates with their biological sex instead of their gender identity. However, students can file for an exception. For an exception to be granted, both the parents of the child and the Superintendent have to approve it.