Holding Ground: This Arizona Sheriff Wants An Apology From The White House For Border Failures

By Ryan Canady | Monday, 09 January 2023 08:35
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Sheriff Mark Lamb of Pinal County, Arizona, spoke exclusively with Fox News Digital and had a direct message to the Biden Administration about the border crisis.

He said that the President did not understand the extent of the crisis and that he should apologize first before coming down to the border to pretend to care about the situation.

Lamb told Fox News that the President should apologize to the men and women serving the U.S. Customs and Border Protection for having ignored the issue of illegal immigration up to this point. He stated that the President owns them an enormous debt of gratitude for the hard work that they have put in under unbelievably challenging conditions and that it is not fair to assume that they will continue to put up with this forever if they are not given the respect that they deserve moving forward.

Lamb also continued by saying:

“He’s also got to apologize to the American people” — people who have lost loved ones to crime and drugs due to the porous border.

Lamb also added:

“he’s got to get the real scoop if he cares. Get the real story.”


In other words, Lamb feels it is wrong that Biden and the people around him have pushed this issue off as much as they have. He wants the President to recognize that there are many things that he has ignored about the immigration crisis that should not be allowed to stand. He wants them to see the struggles people at the border are going through. It is the only way that some of this might begin to sink in for Biden and his White House.


Lamb pointed out that Border Patrol agents “are doing a very tough job. And yet I’ve never heard [this administration] say ‘kudos’ once to them. So, as a leader — even if you don’t want to deal with border security, even if you want open borders — at least he [Biden] should recognize the men and women doing the job every day.”

Their work is often thankless, and some people are actively critical of Border Patrol agents' dangerous daily work. Many people need to keep this in mind before getting critical. However, if it weren’t for these brave individuals, we wouldn’t be able to secure our border, and things could get out of hand very quickly.