Sleeping At The Wheel: Joe Biden Is Fumbling The Ball On This International Issue

By Ryan Canady | Friday, 02 December 2022 14:10
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President Biden has yet to speak about the brace protestors raising their concerns in Iran and China.

Right now is a big moment for protests against significant rivals of the United States, yet our leadership has remained silent on the issue.

So far, the Biden Administration has remained mute on the protests on the streets or on the brave protestors who are risking everything to make their political point. It is a terrible embarrassment as we aren't supporting those who have the right message to bring to the public.

Instead of backing the protestors going into the streets in Iran and China, President Biden has seen fit to support oil companies that want to start drilling in Venezuela. His White House has approved deals allowing private US companies to work alongside state-owned oil companies in Venezuela.


However, Fox News reports that Amnesty International says that the Maduro government in Venezuela has done things such as:

"extrajudicial executions, excessive use of force, arbitrary detentions and torture and other ill-treatment against those perceived as critical of the government."

These are not the things that the United States stands for, yet this is the priority that the Biden Administration is giving to the situation right now. Instead of standing up for what is right, we cooperate with governments that we have previously not cooperated with.


Instead of admitting that Iran has previously broken agreements on its nuclear arms and committed other violations. However, the Biden Administration has stated that it wants to work out a deal with Iran to curtail its nuclear program. They claim that they want to try to do this even as violent crackdowns on protestors in the streets of Iran continue to this day.

Most observers do not believe for a moment that there is likely to be any deal to be made between the United States and Iran as things stand right now.

The Biden Administration felt it had no problems standing up to Vladimir Putin when Russia invaded Ukraine. However, that was the last time they showed a bold stance against an adversary. Instead, the Biden Administration does nothing but create economic opportunities for regimes like those in Venezuela. Because of this, many people are losing confidence in the ability of the Biden administration to stand firm against our enemies.