Two-Faced: House Democrat Who Let Rapist Walk Free, Says She "Fights For Women"

By Ryan Canady | Saturday, 05 November 2022 01:15
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Rep. Jennifer Wexton (D., Va.) faces criticism after it was revealed that she repeatedly let alleged rapists walk free when she was a county prosecutor.

This is even though Wexton insists that she has been a champion for women while serving in Congress. Some ask, "what about the women these men victimized?".

She was the Loudoun County prosecutor in 2001 and had two alleged rapists plead to misdemeanor charges rather than face trial. According to the Washington Free Beacon, the men got to walk free from jail after just months instead of the many years they likely would have served if they were convicted on more serious charges.

One of the men was accused of raping a woman four times in a single day. The other defendant, an illegal immigrant, allegedly kidnapped his victim, took her to the woods, and then raped her.

Virginia law would force these men to serve a minimum of five years for each rape conviction. Thus, they didn't serve anywhere close to the time many feel they should have. However, Wexton saw fit to let them escape, pleading to misdemeanor charges instead.


Andrew Kersey, a former prosecutor for Fairfax County, spoke with the Free Beacon and stated the following:

"There were times I resolved a rape charge as a misdemeanor sexual battery charge with time served. But it was rare,"

His point is that it is rare for prosecutors to offer such lax plea deals as Wexton. He found it extremely odd and out of character for a prosecutor's office to be so lenient on criminals accused of crimes of this nature.


These stories significantly blow Wexton's claims that she is an advocate and champion for sexual assault and abuse victims. Many have looked at her record and wonder how she can claim that she has stood up for any victims. They see her actions as nothing more than a betrayal of everything that survivors stand for.

The election is coming up rapidly, and 68% of voters say that crime is a critical issue when surveyed about it. That should tell you that few people want to hear stories about why Wexton felt it was necessary to let these men off with misdemeanor charges. They want to see action from their leaders to prevent more crime.