The "election officials" know they need to get a head-start on the count as they already have around 100 car trunks full of Democrat Votes that may come into play if it looks like Trump will win. 😊

Trump is right something going on in Nevada.

With Biden up in the polls it could be indicating the mental fitness of his followers.

Who could ever vote for Biden?

I still don't understand what happened. People are enraged and I'm trying to understand if this case was handled properly. What was presented to the Grand Jury hasn't been explained. Breonna was shot to death. Why? Was it a mistake or done on purpose? What was she doing to make the officers kill her? From what I see, only charges were filed against one of the officers for being "reckless." Nothing was said about her being shot, or did I miss that?

Wonderful speech by Tiffany. She said it all. Who could possibly criticize her?

The illegal alien girl is holding the sign - F**K YOUR DEPORTATIONS. These illegal aliens aliens are proving themselves as lawless, must be arrested and deported swiftly.

What is wrong with DeBlasio? How many incidents of violence has to occur before he decides to do something about it. NYC definitely needs Rudy or someone like him, back to get control. Absolutely insane whats going on.

Use Federal agents and make it a Federal crime....99% conviction rate, no parole.

Eric Holder is nothing but a sleaze Bag!! He got Americans Murdered and then stopped all Voter Fraud cases by dropping them and sealing them!! He is crooked and should not talk about packing because packing is what he does to little boys in the shower!!!

Libturd Dems are destroying America vote them all out. Did you see Biden is a criminal thief complicancy in Ukraine theft is proven.

People have to be extremely stupid to vote Biden/Harris Vote for Biden is a vote to destroy this country...

I just love, love, love this candidate. She's perfect and I have to admit it just tickles me pink to hear the Dems have to compliment her!!

ANYONE who votes for Biden/Harris has to be extremely STUPID....

Wake up NY, Vote this incompetent loser DeBlasio out of office...

God Bless President Trump... ANYONE who loves this country, must stand strong and get out there and vote Trump 2020... Save America and American people .. vote Trump 2020

IN 2016. We All VOTED. ... AND TRUMP WON! ... It's Not ALL Corrupt! ,...Just Go Ahead And Put Your One Little Vote In! ... And "WE THE PEOPLE" The "SILENT MAJORITY" Will Be Heard LOUD AND CLEARLY! ... ON ELECTION DAY! By a "LANDSLIDE" BABY! 2020

If you want to know where all those so called Dreamers are? Look in the Antifa and Blm groups. they should have been deported long ago. Instead, they are sucking up FREE EDUCATION on our AMERICAN CAMPUSES! ... Her We Have Our HOME GROWN AMERICAN HATERS FOLKS! ... See how we get kicked in the teeth.

Never Forget That Hillary's Brother TONY RODHAM was in charge of the Clinton Disaster Relief Fund for HAITI. ... They Stole ALL of the money. And Never built One GD Thing For The HAITIAN PEOPLE.... To Top It OFF. .... OBAMA/BIDEN had them DEPORTED Back To HAITI when they showed up on our AMERICAN SOUTHERN BORDERS. ... Dirty To The CORE! I Will NEVER VOTE FOR THEM. EVER.