Friday, January 11 2019

Trump holds off on threat to declare national emergency

Written by CBS News

President Trump is holding a roundtable meeting Friday on border security at the White House, with the partial government shutdown over funding for his border wall poised to become the longest on record.

Mr. Trump says he will almost "100 percent" declare a national emergency as a way to fund his border wall if Congress can't reach a deal, although such a move would almost certainly be challenged in federal courts. Meanwhile, Republicans, Democrats and the White House are in a stalemate over border funding, with the White House demanding $5.7 for a wall or fencing, and Democrats insisting they will have none of that.

The president is also insisting he never said Mexico would pay directly for the wall. But his 2016 campaign issued a memo outlining how they would compel Mexico to "make a one-time payment" of $5 billion or $10 billion for the wall.

On Thursday, Mr. Trump visited the southern border in Texas, where he held a roundtable with Customs and Border Patrol agents and family members of people killed by illegal immigrants.

This article was sourced from CBS News

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