The man is qafraid of Cows and Hot Dogs!!! He also is very low intelligence and Anti Constitution.

🇺🇸 Great American Becky 🇺🇲 The only thing diBlasio is running for is President of the #LollipopGuild 3 months ago

Comey and Brennan better be looking for a third world schitthole that will protect them.


Her Parents should have been fined for fornicating with animals. Cortez should be told to just swallow. She is not intelligent enough for anything else.

Brennan and Comey better bring plenty of lube for their new Boyfriend BUBBA in Cell Block Gitmo!!!

Leftists are a*a*nst executing Raping **r*e*ing adult Felons but are all for executing an innocent unborn or new born baby!!! Their Mental disease is uncurable.

Compared to her EVERYONE gets money even if they don't want to work and National economy destruction ideas? Remember she claimed ALL of this has to be done in 10 years or we all die in 12!!! How many other countries are destroying their economy and adopting her deal???? NONE!!!!

Will Peloser turn herself in and make turds like *a*ler and Adam Schitt turn themselves in?? Adam Schittlied to Congress, the media and the American Voters when he claimed to have evidence that President Trump colluded with Russia. Even his own fellow members admitted they had never seen such evidence and knew of no such evidence. Where are his Handcuffs Peloser???

Mark should be prosecuted for election tampering!!!

What Plan. Demonrats already refused to negotiate DACA so the only plan should be ILLEGALS get Deported at 50,000 feet. The first time they get a chute but ONLY the first time. LEGAL Immigrants get to come if they have a trade. That is all.

Make her handle ***de*ed Fetuses everyday for a year and revoke her work/School privileges. Straight to jail after her day at the Abortion Clinic.

About 6 well placed MOABS would shut IRAN up permanently and finally bring peace to the region. They are the ones always financing Terrorist actions thanks to Odummy and Kerry and their ILLEGAL Planeload of Cash and Gold in the middle of the night!!!

When you have an enemy as low intelligent immoral and downrightSTUPID as Cortez then you give them all the rope they need!!

IF the CIA doesn't have Clapper and Brennan holdovers to cover it all up!!!

HA HA HA HA!!! Now the Demonrats will Blame the Republicans for exposing their Criminal friends and Families!!! That is why they are trying to discredit AG Barr so Badly!!

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