Abortion is out and out murder. There are people out there who cannot have children and probably would adopt a child in order to save it's life. Abortion issue should be mandated by the states not the SCOTUS.

She needs to cross the aisle and join the Republicans.

Crooked Hillary is afraid of Gabbard, and I don't know why she would even be considered as one of the Powerful Women, maybe the most crooked woman might merit her recognition.

CYOA IS NOW IN AFFECT. "Rats" are going to start "ratting ouy" those in charge as well as each other in order to escape serious prison time.

It's about f'n time that these assholes get designated as "domestic terrorists" and start getting treated like ISIS, INILATE THEM, areest, convict and send their terrorist asses to GITMO. Arrest Soros and deport his ass for financing "sedition" against our president and country. TAKE THE KID GLOVES OFF AND DROP THEM IN THEIR TRACKS!!!!!!

The "rats" are trapped, watch them start "ratting out" those who gave the orders to proceed, get them all from Obummer on down to Shifty Schiff, don't forget Crooked Hillary.

Wallace must have been talking to Romney who is still jealous because he was never a POTUS.

No one should under-estimate President Trump, for he's a lot smarter then people give him credit for.

Stick with your faith in God, voice your opinions when necessary, no matter how bad they may sound to others and have confidence in our president and our country. DON'T BE AFRAID TO SAY "I AM A CHRISTIAN"

A Crook from Puerto Rico yelling lock our president up while rallying for Commie Bernie, what a "Fn" joke.

Raymond Martucci All those people chanting with her are sad people they must love being controlled. Puerto Rico is in bad shape cause of her bring Cuba to their island. yesterday

It seems here lately that there are a bunch of deranged Demorats everywhere including in our congress and Demorat POTUS wannabe's.

Expel from Congress for "conduct un-becoming a member of Congress".

Fake or Real news no one knows for sure, so let the spades fall and maybe the truth will fall out.

Bloomberg and Clinton preach the same gospel as the rest of the Demorat POTUS candidates so President Trump shouldn't have a big problem. Besides who knows "Crooked Hillary" may finally be standing trial for her unauthorized unsecure E-Mails.

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