n**ler is going to grow "A matching Pinnochio Nose" with Schiff.

Let's see how many of these individuals start screaming and hollering and ratting out others in a CYOA PLEA>

Speculation on the Horowitz report is just the left's way of "demeaning" the report. Wait un til it's finally released before "speculating" on the contents.

The "Squad" is going to be Anti-Israel no matter what transpires.

Jimmy Easy way to reslove that is to deport their sorry asses! 16 hours 30 minutes ago

Nail "Shifty" Schiff, I think maybe he may be nailed in the IG Report forthcoming Monday as well as in the Spygate report.

Lesson learned, Americans need to stop going to Iran or they will wind-up like Mr. Wang being accused of "spying" just because they are Americans.

He was learning about "marijuana roaches" and not ***kroaches..

I guess we can compare the Pope to JUDAS

Just another con-artist out for the fast buck.

Civilization is safe with President Trump as evidenced by how well our country is doing, we would in in dire straits should one of your Socialist Demorat candidates was ever to be elected POTUS!! Nice try Pelosi.

I would tell Newsome "Hell No" you created this problem with legal drugs and "sanctuary status" to illegals.

Good call, FOR NOW. Mexico has helped immensely in stopping MIGRANTS at our border.

Nail every last one on the list's of attendees with the alleged "w***********r".

May have to look into the "training" of foreign nationals especially those from the Middle East and any other Muslim country.

AOC wouldn't know the truth if it "smacked her" right square in the face.

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