All PD'S need to start fighting fire with fire, show no mercy if attacked, KICK THEIR F'N ASSES, IF "SHOT AT", "SHOOT BACK" time we retake our country back from these anarchists.

This is going to be a"major problem" this November

Daniel Vermeychuk Third parties. Who are these people and why aren't they ID in this article. I think they know who they are but they aren't saying.  This type of interference in our election system should be illegal and maybe it is but uncharged. 9 hours 37 minutes ago

Typical "Blue State Socialist Demorat Leadership". Next time they are caught shoot them!!

This might proveto be interesting, BETTER KEEP HER SAFE NOT LIKE EPSTEIN!!!

Just another indication of "liberal antics" they boycott anyone who doesn't have their point of view or agenda, and "free speech" is TABOO in their book unless they are flapping their collective gums.

BLM is no longer fighting for fair and equal treatment for black people, they are doing the black community more harm as the BLM agenda has turned from non-violent to violence and chaos. The Black Community needs to stop these BLM **u*s from hurting their commitment to unity.

My question for the people of NYC, "why in the hell are you all putting up with Comrad DeBlasio allowing BLM to "carry-on" with their bull shit, while denying the rest of the city on their planned activities? I would still hold your plans and stick-up a BLM SIGN!!!!!

I think it's time for the military to "Resurect the Race Relations Course" for all military personnel as well as civilian personnel. During the 70's this was a "mandatory" formation in a class-room environment taught by Trained Race Relations Personnel.

You go President Trump, this needed to be done at least 10 years ago, for we probably wouldn't have the problems in society like we do now.

No conditions at all. Will Sleepy BiteMe demand "conditions" when talking to world leaders should he be elected POTUS???????

Daniel Vermeychuk Seriously, how would this man even function??? 2 days ago

t you releasing your tax records???

co**** Bernie already leading BiteMe around by the nose!!

Sen Graham, you and President Trump and the rest of the Republicans need to stand together and this stance should assure victory over the "Socialistic" minded Demorats.

Attorney Gray makes a good point, which should exonerate everyone but Chauvin.

If BiteMe can't debate President Trump and tell the world what his agenda consists of he does not need to be POTUS and President Trump should win by "default" not that BiteMe is going to win any way.