I couldn't agree more. This movement is trying to strip us of who we are and our God given rights. Let's not let them do it.

Fat Jerry is talking about abuse of power and self serving reasoning? Hahahahahahah OMG what a dope Hahahahahaha

But I do Rodney and I will tell them they are right as the way they see Sullivan and your argument for him.

Mail in voter fraud at it's best.

Barbara Root ??? Guess we will have the Supreme Court rule on this one too. 16 hours 10 minutes ago

Give Stone the chance to clear himself. New stuff coming out with Durham.

Look figure it out just vote for Trump.

But honey your daddy dedicated that statue! What a little whore. You can't show yourself on this one. Your grandmother was probably buried with those earrings on just so you wouldn't get them.

The toilet paper times will take tissue with anything Trump does. No new news here.

It's just the first inning Trump had bases loaded but no score yet. The ringer is due to pitch.

It will be great by election day.

NYT has no say in this. I don't know who Friedman is, he is entitled to an opinion but that is about it. No one should have ANY preconditions about debating the future of our country. The only condition that is applicable is to show up and do your patriotic duty to the country. If you can't do that you don't belong in the office.

Patrick Calvin He's an omniscient trailer park pyschic. yesterday

It will never be America alone. Every other country in the world except for our own is dependent on our money and military might. Even former White House doctor says that Joe is just getting old, a debate would show his cognitive decline and that can't happen. But it must, America needs the best it has to go forward in this world and even if people hate Trump it's still better than Biden.

It's a sin that Democrats would use this man, he is obviously ready to retire, he couldn't take the stress of the job.