Tracy Smith

Tracy Smith

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Gender : Male State : United States City/Town : United States
Tracy Smith likes Gene Waldenmaier's comment in Comey could make millions off of his memoir 3 years ago

Multi Millions if Soros, Clinton, Obama and Lynch are his editors.

Tracy Smith likes Ruth Dickman's comment in Comey could make millions off of his memoir 3 years ago

maybe that is why is such a liar -- completes with the other members of the white house liar club-- obama- lynch- holder- clintons- comey--maybe they should all join forces when in jail -- for all the shit they have done to this country =--oh I forgot george on that list-- the list will most likely grow before this is over-----nancy-chuck-john- ????

I'm pretty sure the democrat party and their mainstream media don't want us to worry about Loretta Lynch...just saying it is president Trump they want defamed at all costs....

Listening to the democrats comments on Comey's statements it appears they must have heard something different than we did? Would expect the dems to try to find another "dead horse" to beat on.

By their very existence, the left proves themselves idiots on a continuous basis.

I guess Comey realized that he should tell the truth - I know that goes ag**nst the Democratic way, but there could be tapes of his conversations, or not! You just never know in DC do you? Did anyone see HilLIARy on MSNBC? Telling people that she NEVER LIED! But the other side did! The nerve of that woman (I use the term very loosely because I am not sure if she really is a woman).

It doesn't matter who says what. The left will always believe what they believe - forget about what the facts are. There is plenty of evidence of corruption, pedophilia, rape, drug smuggling and even a lot of mysterious deaths surrounding the Clintons - but the left will always look at that as a conspiracy theory. They will not even look at the evidence. BUT - if someone said that President Trump had run over the Easter Bunny on the White House lawn with Santa Clause's sleigh because Putin asked him to the same left wing loons would be screaming for an investigation and impeachment.

Government Officials, Secretaries and Deputy Secretaries of Departments, US Ambassadors and a myriad of senior officials serve at the pleasure of the President. These officials are expected to tender their resignations on election of a new President. This is nothing new; it has gone on for 100s of years. That Democrats, Liber**r*s and Snowflakes fail to understand this; shows utter disrespect and in refusing to do so is true hypocrisy!! Had Republicans done this to Odumbo, the Democrats would have been screaming bloody *u*d** and called for heads to roll. Now that their the minority they want to dig in deep in their play pen and throw a temper tantrum!! Childish, peevish behavior of the Democratic Party shows the sewer that now makes up the party!!

He looks like a real sweetie pie, good riddance.

We'll miss him... NOT!

Tracy Smith likes Gregory Vatistas Sr.'s comment in President Trump Fires Obama’s Anti-Gun Surgeon General 3 years ago

I can't understand, what do they expect. How many right thinking people did Obama have in there.