Joy Reid's DANGEROUS Comment About Byron Donalds Ignites Fury...

By Tommy Wilson | Wednesday, 29 May 2024 01:00 AM
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Image Credit : Fox News

MSNBC host Joy Reid recently sparked controversy with her comments about Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL), referring to him as the "Black guy" that Republicans use as a false indication of African-American support.

Reid's remarks were made following Donalds' appearance at a rally for former President Trump in the Bronx, a traditionally Democratic stronghold that drew a diverse crowd estimated between 20,000 and 30,000.

Reid stated on her Friday show, "The one Black guy that Republicans love to roll out as fake proof that Black people, the Blacks, are MAGA, they’re MAGA. It’s a joke, and just as credible as when they said they were going to make that guy Speaker of the House.”

Donalds responded to Reid's comments on Fox News Sunday, characterizing her remarks as an attempt to undermine his success. As reported by Fox News, Donalds said, “I find Joy’s comments to be nothing more than crabs in a barrel. Just because I have a different viewpoint, different way of looking at the world, different politics, now, all of a sudden, I’m being used. You can make an argument that MSNBC is using her.”


Donalds further argued that the diverse crowd at Trump's Bronx rally was a reaction to the perceived failures of the Democrats in New York City and across the country. “You had a very diverse crowd, people from the Bronx, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Black people, White people, all there supporting President Trump, because they’ve seen the disaster that is New York City,” Donalds said on Sunday. “They’ve seen the disaster that has come to the United States of America because of the master of disaster, Joe Biden himself, and they want Donald Trump back.”


Donalds also refuted the notion that Trump is attempting to divide Americans based on race. “We’re looking at expanding the political map, not shrinking it based upon race or anything else, because that’s what Joy Reid and Joe Biden and the rest of them want to do,” Donalds said. “They want to shrink the political map based upon previous dogma and racial lines. That is not what President Trump’s focus is. His focus is on all of America.”

In 2023, Donalds had a notable one-on-one interview with Reid, during which he challenged her views and assertions.