New Report: Supreme Court Justice Accused Of Supporting Controversial "Stop the Steal" Movement

By Lisa Pelgin | Friday, 17 May 2024 09:20 PM
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Image Credit : Supreme Court of the United States

In a recent development, MSNBC's Joe Scarborough expressed profound dismay over a report that Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito displayed an inverted flag outside his residence.

This symbol is widely recognized as a sign of support for the "Stop the Steal" movement, which emerged in the aftermath of January 6.

The report, published on Thursday, shed light on Alito's partisan leanings, a revelation that has sparked controversy given the expectation of impartiality associated with his role as an associate justice in the country's highest court. Scarborough was particularly incensed by Alito's apparent endorsement of a movement that falsely asserts that the 2020 election was unlawfully taken from former President Donald Trump.

Scarborough shared his personal experience growing up with a friend whose father was a federal judge. He stated, "I had no idea until I got older whether he was Republican or Democrat. And that was the case in northwest Florida, a very conservative place. The federal judges kept themselves beyond reproach. They never talked politics, ever, in the privacy of their homes. If you asked them opinion, they would just say, 'Not my job.' Right? 'I’m a judge.' They actually took their oath seriously."


Scarborough's criticism of Alito was not limited to his alleged support for the "Stop the Steal" movement. He also suggested that Alito may have been involved in leaking a court decision to the Wall Street Journal, ostensibly to maintain the status quo with fellow justices Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett. "I think history will show that," he said.


Scarborough concluded his critique by expressing his disappointment in Alito's actions during a particularly tense period in American history. He said, "For a guy who is a Supreme Court justice that let that happen at his own home in one of the most fraught times in American history since the Civil War is just… It’s just sad. And it shows how little respect he has for the institution. It shows how little respect he has for the law. It really… It’s disgusting. It’s just disgusting."