WATCH: Even CNN Can't Believe What A LIAR Michael Cohen Is!

By Maria Angelino | Friday, 17 May 2024 04:30 PM
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In a recent court proceeding, Michael Cohen, the former personal attorney for ex-President Donald Trump, faced a second day of intense questioning from Trump's legal team.

During the session, two CNN contributors, Bryan Lanza and Alyssa Farah Griffin, suggested that Cohen was not being truthful in his testimony.

Cohen, whose credibility has been frequently questioned and is a key point of contention for the defense, swore under oath that he had no aspirations for a role in Trump's White House. However, Lanza, who served as the deputy communications director for the Trump-Pence campaign, and Griffin, a former Trump administration staffer, contradicted Cohen's claim during a conversation with CNN's Jake Tapper.

Griffin revealed that while she did not have direct confirmation from Cohen about his White House ambitions, she had heard enough discussions to believe it was true. She stated, "I was working for a number of Republican lawmakers at that time, several of whom would go into the administration, including Mick Mulvaney as OMB director, and it was widely known and believed. Now, Michael Cohen never told me firsthand, 'I’m going into the White House, I want to.' But it was widely discussed that he was angling for Attorney General or to be White House counsel. That’s, I mean, there’s dozens and dozens of people around Washington who could corroborate that. My jaw hit the floor when I heard him denying that."


Lanza, speaking on CNN less than an hour before Griffin, also suggested that Cohen had expressed a desire to be White House counsel. He said, "[A]t least to me, Michael Cohen was pretty adamant that he wanted to be White House counsel. He said everything he was doing was to be White House counsel, he’s always injected himself with the space that I was in, which was the TV space, because Trump cared a lot about it. Just so, I always viewed that he’s always positioning, and he was pretty clear that he wanted to be White House counsel. That doesn’t mean I want to testify before anything on Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday. But, you know, you’re asking me. I’m not Michael Cohen. I’ll tell you the truth."

These assertions prompted CNN anchor Kasie Hunt to question whether Cohen was committing perjury. Legal analyst Elie Honig responded that while the testimonies were contradictory, they were too ambiguous to be classified as perjury.