Republicans Reel As 'Dirtbag RINO' Mike Gallagher Trades Politics For Profit In Shocking Career Pivot

By Lisa Pelgin | Thursday, 16 May 2024 03:00 PM
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Image Credit : The Gateway Pundit

Former Wisconsin Congressman Mike Gallagher has transitioned into the private sector, taking on a role as a senior strategic advisor at venture capital firm TitletownTech.

This move comes less than a month after Gallagher's sudden resignation from Congress in March.

TitletownTech, a venture capital firm launched by the Green Bay Packers and Microsoft in 2019, has welcomed Gallagher's expertise in national security and technology policy. The firm, which has raised $95 million for investment in high-growth potential startups, focuses on a wide range of sectors including manufacturing, construction, supply chain issues, digital health, agriculture, and entertainment.

In a statement, TitletownTech Managing Partner Craig Dickman expressed his confidence in Gallagher's abilities, stating, "Gallagher’s leadership in Congress and deep knowledge of technology and security will be crucial as we continue to back transformative companies in various sectors."


Gallagher, for his part, expressed his commitment to fostering technological innovation in Wisconsin. "Wisconsin is on the front lines of geopolitical competition in the 21st century, and has a critical role to play in enhancing America’s economic competitiveness in general and technological leadership in particular," he said. "I look forward to working with the TitletownTech team to drive Wisconsin’s growth by making it the best destination for top-level tech-talent and thereby advance America’s national security interests.”


Gallagher's departure from Congress has raised eyebrows, particularly as it left the Republicans with a slim one-vote majority. His resignation was timed just a week after the deadline for triggering a special election for his district, leaving the Republicans with one less seat in their majority. This has led to speculation that Gallagher's move, along with the departure of fellow Republican Ken Buck, is part of a calculated plan to undermine former President Trump's chances of winning in the upcoming November elections.

The details of Gallagher's compensation for his new role at TitletownTech have not been disclosed, but it is widely assumed that it significantly surpasses his Congressional salary.