2nd Amendment: Biden Attacks Gun Owners After 'Sacramento Massacre'

Written By BlabberBuzz | Wednesday, 06 April 2022 01:15

President Biden summoned new gun laws hours after six people were killed in a fatal shooting outside a Sacramento bar. “Ban ghost guns,” the President demanded Sunday. “Require background checks for all gun sales. Ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. Repeal gun manufacturers’ immunity from liability.”

Biden’s push for gun reform comes as Sacramento police persist in searching for two gunmen who opened fire on a group of bargoers downtown. Police report that an unidentified gunman in a car opened fire into the crowd before fleeing. A second person fired a shot, but authorities do not yet know if he was in the crowd or in the car. The killings commenced in the city’s lively entertainment district in the early hours of Sunday after a brawl broke out on 10th street outside a slew of popular bars.

A total of six people, three men and three women, were killed in the 2 am attack. Cops are yet to officially confirm the victims’ identities, but two of the deceased have been revealed as Sergio Harris, 38, and DeVasia Turner, 29. Witness video obtained by KCRA showed rapid gunfire of at least 76 shots ringing out for 54 seconds as people screamed and ran for cover.


On Sunday, Biden thanked the first responders in Sacramento and further noted that it was likely they weren’t the only victims of gun violence across the country overnight, saying America needed to do something about it.

“We equally mourn for those victims and families who do not make national headlines,” he said. “But we must do more than mourn; we must act.” He pointed to his Administration’s work implementing gun reforms, including attempting to stop those trafficking firearms, plus expanding funds for police. Biden implored Congress to pass his budget proposal, which “would give cities more of the funding they need to fund the police and fund the crime prevention and intervention strategies that can make our cities safer.” The President’s statement came as the bodies of four of the victims were still lying on the street in 80-degree weather 15 hours after the massacre, the third this year to kill at least six people.

Harrowing DailyMail.com photos showed the body of one of the male victims and the foot of a second on the floor outside Pre Flite Lounge – one of two bars where a huge brawl kicked off in the minutes before the shooting happened.