Must See: Fauci Finally Admits 'Endemic' In Sight

Written By BlabberBuzz | Tuesday, 25 January 2022 14:00
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The nation's top infectious disease specialist expects Omicron cases to start dropping throughout the country by mid-February as the hardest-hit cities experience infection rate dips of up to 64 percent.

Dr. Anthony Fauci remarked Sunday that the U.S. will likely begin to “see a turnaround” in cases and hospitalizations as the highly-contagious variant begins to slow - and that it could signal a gradual return to normal.

“We would hope that as we get into the next weeks or month, we will see throughout the entire country, the level of infection get to below what I call the area of control,” the notoriously gloomy White House COVID expert told ABC's This Week on Sunday.

“Control means you're not eliminating it, you're not eradicating it, but it gets down to such a low level that it's essentially integrated into the general respiratory infections that we have learned to live with.” He shared an outlook of cautious optimism as infections plunged in the country's early epicenters on the east.

In New York, where parts of the state were paralyzed by Omicron last month, cases have dropped 58 percent in a fortnight, and 82 percent week-over-week. New Jersey's infection rates dropped 64 percent in a fortnight, and 89 percent during the same last seven days, Johns Hopkins University data indicates.


According to New York Times data, the Empire State went from having 79,777 cases on January 9 to recording 27,643 cases on Saturday, representing a 54 percent drop during the past two weeks.

Deaths related to the virus skyrocketed by 71 percent in the past two weeks; more than 62,600 New Yorkers have died from COVID since the pandemic began. New Jersey has gone from 28,514 cases on January 9 to 8,924 confirmed infections on January 23, representing a 64 percent decrease. The death rate jumped 71 percent in the Garden State, where 30,746 people have died since the virus took hold in early 2020.


Deaths traditionally lag behind infections, prompting confidence that they too will begin to slump in the coming weeks, as people infected by COVID at the recent peak either recover or succumb to the virus.

The situation also seems promising in Connecticut, where cases dropped from a January 10 high of 10,179 cases to 4,872 cases on January 22, marking a 39 percent dip. The state's deaths are up 52 percent.

Of course, the situation isn't universal. The Eastern seaboard was the first to get hit by Omicron in early December, with the variant raging through quickly, as initially predicted. However some states - such as Alabama, Kansas, Arizona, and others are yet to peak, with cases still rising, and records being broken.