Be Very Afraid: Highlights From Biden Press Conference Is Cause For Concern

Written By BlabberBuzz | Thursday, 20 January 2022 08:30
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Why make up stories when the truth is so much worse? Last night, President Biden began a rare Press Conference that marked the end of his first year in office by talking about how well things are going in the country. No mention of inflation, no mention of the energy crunch, and aloof on what is actually happening in the world.

Addin to his delusion, Biden said the country is in a “very different place now” than it was two years ago when the pandemic began. He says because of vaccinations and other medical advances we can “save lives and keep schools and businesses open.” He ignored how many businesses were closed under Democrat-led cities and their draconian laws or the extortion by teachers' unions to ensure Zoom would replace the classroom.

Throughout the presser, there was one theme that was noticed by most media outlets, a deliberate and old Joe Biden speaks really fast whenever asked about one of his administration's consequential mistakes. As an example, when he was asked about the October bungle in which he declined to order more tests which led to most of the country having their Christmas & New Year interrupted, he said “should we have done more testing earlier? Yes. But we're doing more now.” That was all he said on the topic and it was so fast we had to replay the tape three times to get what he said verbatim.


Biden also touted creating six million new jobs. However, he failed to mention that was actually expected and predicted by Trump's team given that the economy was still in the midst of reopening from devastating Covid lockdowns. The truth is, in fact, during the eight months prior to his taking the presidential oath, the economy had added more than twelve million jobs - but still, he took credit for the most jobs created in history with little pushback from the media on that.


When he did address inflation, he seemed delusional. Biden said Americans’ concerns over empty store shelves were 'poppycock'. He said that the amount of goods that are in stock in stores is 89 percent now, and has “barely changed” from the 91 percent before the pandemic. Obviously, he has not been to a supermarket or seen the empty shelves or obvious decrease in product choices. It's like Soviet Russia where Leonid Brezhnev would tell the people 'we have toilet paper' but only the sandpaper kind and nothing more and you need to wait a week on a line in the cold to get it.


Joking aside, In the sort of statement that really should bring concern his doctors and us, the ones he is supposed to be leading, Biden contended that 'the best way to fight inflation is for the federal government to spend another $1 trillion to $2 trillion on the Build Back Better legislation.' Basically, Joe just admitted that the Federal Reserve's printing presses would continue - which will only cause more inflation as economics 101 can teach you.


When asked by a friendly reporter about whether he has disappointed his base after not coming through on many of his promises during the 2020 campaign, Biden delusionally snapped back “I didn’t overpromise. But I have, probably, outperformed what anybody thought would happen.” Keep in mind that this is the same man who pledged to “shut down the virus” during the election cycle - and one year in infection rates are higher and confusion about what is to come next is growing.


Biden, in claiming he didn't overpromise, cited limiting Covid deaths as one of his successes. But the facts show that roughly 400k people have died of Covid during his presidency and we're currently averaging about 2,000 deaths per day. Remember, his promise was to “shut down the virus.”

He then shifted his focus and the blame to the GOP saying “I haven't been able to get my Republican friends to get in the game of making things better in this country.” Forgetting of course, that as the president whose party controls Congress, it is his job to do so - and considering the fracture between progressive and moderate democrats is most of the issue, Biden seemed ill-informed about his own government.

When it came to election reform and the bill that Democrats have in the Senate trying to literally Fedralize elections, Biden was asked if he felt the elections will be fair if the Democrat bill fails in the Senate, he tipped his hat here saying what we all know to be the truth, “It all depends on whether or not we're able to make the case to the American people that some of this is being set up to try to alter the outcome of the election.” Basically, Joe just admitted that if the goal is to effectively communicate to the people they are being screwed, and have them believe it without question.

But the biggest bungle of the night was when he was asked about Ukraine. He essentially gave Putin the green light to invade - he said as much saying Putin 'Will move in on Ukraine' but said, in the end, it will hurt him - whatever that means.

A delusional Joe said that by the time his term ends, “my presidential report card will look pretty good.” Three more years to go and it seems that three more years of a declining America is in store - it was obvious Biden was not present, nor had any clue as to what actually is happening in the country.

If the presser taught us anything, it is that America is in trouble. And with Kamala right behind him and Nancy behind her, perhaps wishing Biden good health is the best thing we can all do for the country now.