Illegal Immigrants Will Vote In This Libtard City

Written By BlabberBuzz | Thursday, 20 January 2022 16:45
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While the conspiracy theory that Donald Trump was the puppet of Russia’s Vladimir Putin and that his electoral victory could be chalked up to foreign meddling in U.S. elections in 2016, provoked an endless supply of moral indignation. Genuine instances of foreign meddling in elections are celebrated as victories for democracy by a Left-wing establishment that seems to disagree only on whether they should manage or accelerate the nation’s decline.

Situated in the middle of Silicon Valley, lawmakers in San Jose are preparing to sanctify foreign election meddling as a legal right, thereby desecrating American citizenship in the process.

The city, plagued by Mexican gang violence, persistent homelessness, and a frightening degree of income inequality, may allow illegal immigrants to vote in local elections and serve on city boards. The city council, headed by Mayor Sam Liccardo, recently voted to “direct city officials to study the potential impacts of changing the city charter to allow noncitizens the right to vote in municipal elections.” This policy will have to be approved by voters as a ballot measure. Should it pass, many of the estimated 157,876 illegally present foreign citizens in Santa Clara County will have a say in government affairs.

City Councilmember Dev Davis was the sole voice of reason when she remarked “[Noncitizens] have allegiance to another country,” continuing to argue that “They, hopefully, wherever they come from, have the right to vote in that country.” The rest of the city council supported the measure without fail.

As with many Left-wing advances, a moral patina is used to render a patently absurd idea publicly palatable. The city council asserts they intend to “expand representative democracy” and “add to the legacy of justice.” But expanding democracy beyond America’s legal population is a great injustice.


As per The Federalist, democracy is an expedient buzzword for our neo-Liberal elite, not a moral commitment. When it becomes inconvenient, they have no qualms about overriding the public’s will.

Changing out the voters themselves through illegal mass immigration while pursuing policies that defile American citizenship for the sake of Left-wing power, is the strategy that turned California blue and now threatens to deliver Georgia, North Carolina, and even Texas to the Democratic Party.


Home to both tent cities and tech oligarchs, San Jose is heaven for the neoliberal establishment, which is to say that it has become the nightmare of the shrinking middle class. This latest movie, insultingly marketed as a necessary implication of a sincere commitment to democratic principles, is a power grab for the neo-Liberals who control the region.