IMO - he did not fulfill his "contract" to the community - and he should be fired and fined!

Jeff Sessions - Hey Diana"
Ms Feinstein "What Jeff" -
Jeff Sessions " I got an Indictment With Your Name On It! -
Ms Feinstein "OH CRAP"

Ys their is an OBVIOUS difference between Billy's case and Trump's - - Billy lied and was caught lying! Trump's accuser has backed down and is trying to fade away - To bad that you will not be allowed to Fade away - yu are going to Jail - just as Trump told you. Promises Made - Promises Kept (Not by you of coarse)

I got 3 more blocks in the last 2 days. They where "Political/Race type related (Muslims).They told me that it was against their community standards and I should review the Standards policies - I said YOU BLOCK THE CON
TENT - YOU TELL ME WHAT PART OF YOU POLICY I VIOLATED - did that three times - BUT aLAS I never got an answer back!

debra steinman likes this.
debra steinman Nor, will you. 5 months ago
Charles Schulte Citizen commented on Just Discovered: Obama Administration Funded al-Qaida Front 6 months ago

Robert Webster - You must know the "half of the fact and the twisting and omitting" parts of the report - SO WHY DON' YOU INFROM US OF THOSE FACTS!!!

Damn there are only 8 comments so far - I agree with ALL of them!!!!

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I do my best to contain my anger and to let it not get the better of me - but things like this make me ANGRY and I have a hard time containing it. If the AHole had said what if, or something similar I would think "he is entitled to his opinion" - but he did not. He flat out said ...“WE SHOULD RIP BARRON TRUMP FROM HIS MOTHER’S ARMS AND PUT HIM IN A CAGE WITH PEDOPHILES AND SEE IF MOTHER WILL STAND AGAINST THE GIANT ASSHOLE SHE IS MARRIED TO.".. That is sick and to the point (or well beyond) of an attack on our First Lady and Barron. It is also ???? to angry to write any more for now!

Allen Goldberg Arrest this clown and jail him 7 months ago

The whole agenda of the "Left (Dems and Repubs)" is to remove our Civil Liberties - they "manufacture" reasons to Pretend that they are Only being Honorable and Justified. Dems are more in numbers in this regard - BUT we have Republicans who are Lefties too. We need the BOOMS and MOAB's - If they do not come soon - we need to come together and use our talents to format our rights in the form of Civil Grand Jury Indictments against the perpetrators of these Un-Constitional/Treasoness/Seditios Acts!

And we wonder why people practice "bullying" - they have a mentor in Biden!

Charles Schulte Citizen commented on Obama library's public cost estimated at $175M: report 11 months ago

Glenn I think that "If he is found guilty of treason, his history should be erased, no library, no statues, no plaques, nothing but a foot note about this traitor" should be this - In Jackson Park a statue (small but maybe 4 to 5 feet high) should be erected - and on the plaque a statement outlining all of his traitorous and Seditious acts AND A HUGE X covering the statue. Just a thought!

Floyd - You said " Assault weapons, bump stocks, etc. should be reserved only for the military, and the various law enforcement agencies that we have. Hunters, and families, can adequately protect themselves with hand guns, semi automatic rifles and shot guns," People DO HUNT WITH Semi automatic Rifles and Shotguns - that is what a Civilian version of the AR15 is - A SEMI AUTOMATIC.

Yep he did say that - of coarse you did not point out that his statement was "Open to interpretation about WHO colluded with Russia" - But Mueller did straighten (finally) some of it out - "On Friday, Special Counsel Robert Mueller issued an indictment to 13 Russians and three Russian entities that described an elaborate plot beginning in 2014 to foment political division in the U.S." and futher evidence points Directly @ Clinton,
Obama, FBI and DOJ. Sessions and Trump will not back down - this will be ALL brought out and delt with! MAGA

She probably wasn't required to take "History lessons" - that's our PC educational system at work. Of coarse she should know by now that she should do here "due diligence" Before shooting off her moth!

We have been a laughing stock for decades. I know because I have been aboard and have seen it.

Charles Schulte Citizen commented on Nunes: We’ll Put DoJ, FBI On Trial If They Abused FISA Law 11 months ago

Seems "kinda funny - not really though" that this one time when the question is NOT "How high up does this go?" but the question is "How far Down does it go".