Why should Illegals have rights to a "free education, BS" Let's put that "free" education to work for the LEGAL student that isn't able to afford college.... that's where it should've gone anyway... I've had it with DACA this & DACA that... it's CRAP... if they're old enough 4 college... then apply for citizenship or get out with parents... END OF STORY!!! WTG President Trump... make them leave or become FULLY NATIONALIZED... TO INCLUDED SPEAKING IN ENGLISH ONLY!!!!... Yah I said... boohoo... I am so tired of walking into a business and first thing I hear from some store clerk, attendant, waitress/waiter, even other customers... is some foreign language...I mean.. Ithought this was the USA not Mexico, Afghanistan, Korea, China, whatever other language.... It has been my understanding that ENGLISH is the USA's NATIVE language... or at least that is what I learned though out my primary school years... was how to read and write in ENGLISH... do DAMN IT, LEARN IT.... if you want to be AN AMERICAN then TALK IN ENGLISH ... I don't give two shack what you do in the privacy of your homes.... but in Public... in this UNITED STATES OF AMERICA then SPEAK ENGLISH IN PUBLIC!!!!

I realize that some MIGHT be here as visitor's that fine... but they can at least "try to speak our language" I mean when I was in Germany, I didn't know the language but I at least tried... that why the dictionary was created mine was English to German... and I used it a lot... so I'm sure it is available in other languages as well... buy one ... foreigner and put it to use...otherwise go home.. .and don't over stay your visa's .... WE'RE TIRED OF SUPPORTING THE ILLEGALS Plain and Simple.

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T Barrows ty Paul Conely... I just felt it had to be said... there are so many other issues in this country, that we need to address.. Like the 15 yr. that shoot and killed 2 students, wounding a dozen others, last Tuesday... in Kentucky... why hasn't any been outraged over that... or the fact that we have been experiencing all across this nation a higher fatal death rate in accidents where the use of Marijuana has been "legalized" or the fact that mass shootings in general are becoming more common all... Show more 8 months ago