All consist need to have a 24 Hours or 1500 miles inspection. That inspection includes; the testing of ATS, all functions and engineer know before departure and should test before departure the functions of all controls. If the system fails after departure, the engineer should communicate to the tower the problem, reduce speed and follow instructions.
Before the switch is the light informing the changing and that “need to be known” by the engineer before departure when instructed by the road foreman. If the change is decide after departure, engineer should be informed by the tower but ultimately will be the lights the warning and engineer are and/or should be familiar and certify for the portion of the track is running. Depending of the system installed in the locomotive; if a train change track, the sensor will be on the wrong side and never will detect the speed or the signal.
Tracks are remotely control and suffer periodically inspections; but is not uncommon to find frogs wore out, switch partially open; if both are in the same place, easily can jump from one track to the side one and as I read before, at 50 MpH have very little time to react, because by applying emergency brake can also cause serious problems to the passengers.
Is not possible to evaluate the accidents cause from photos or just reports, require a deep investigation and analysis of all possible factors.
Said that: Amtrak need to fix many internal problems. The Agency need to fix many internal problems. The government need to decide if want to remain with cars from 1890 in service or to move to new system and concepts. The more important concept to change is that Rail Road Public Transportation can’t be profitable, never was, never will be. But is extremely good public transportation, bring lot of benefits to the society that the economy benefit from. So is profitable in the sense that develops area, improve communication at low cost (direct cost) and diversify the economy along the tracks.
Inter City, Inner City PRRT isn’t the same of Inter State, have the same economical result but need more investment, and longer time. A good pacification is the key and the answer is in Japan and Spain. The speed that Spain has recovered from one of the worst economic crisis can be in good part associated to the excellent RR system, public and freight.

When you feed a pig by hand, you may loose your fingers, pigs should be kept in the pig farm and feed them there.