He looks like the boy next door. As for the bombs, we should be making social media be accountable if they allow things like how to make a bomb out of simple household products on a website. Probably show you how to make meth and other bad things. Our world has really been scaring me lately.

Dave Emery I hate to tell you this Linda but you can find ways to make meth and other drugs, nukes, bio weapons, bombs, time delays, all kinds of nasty stuff. And that isn't even on the dark web! Sad that it's like this, the internet has so much promise for doing good. But evil has taken it over and we've allowed it. And the kids are addicted to it. Yes this is scary. Very much so, he probably IS the boy next door. I guess we need to ban bomb supply outlets. I'm sure he bought stuff from regular stores... Show more 6 months ago

He's never even had a job that I know of........

Jack Hubbard Progressives, that's what the Russian revolutionaries called themselves. How did that work out? Beware of Progressives. 6 months ago

Really Tapper?????? Are you THAT sorry a person who can not even try for 1 day to not down something about Trump, It's actually very depressive to watch you. And the CNN storyline is getting on my nerves too.
PS: All things you rag about Trump is what I've seen the Democrats do

Maybe they need a special questions before hiring EX: Are you too chicken to save a life or lives? Do you freeze when in a extremely pressured situation? He hired him and the sheriff is is responsible as well. Quit making excuses and step up to the plate or find another job.

Probably when pigs fly............

Joseph R. Davis ...somewhere over the rainbow.... 7 months ago

I must have been in a 8 year Democrat coma, how else did things get this rough? It's like one day the whole world changed and now we all live with these wimpy libocrapers, snowflakes, illegals and criminals, like they are running things now in bizarro world..... WTH?

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Put the words money on it, they understand nothing BUT that!

You need to be as resourceful as the illegals have been about being here and heard. I really don't understand how they are allowed to be sanctuary cities and why can't it be easier to pull that plug! California has turned into a turd state!

Linda Abernathy Citizen commented on 49ers Anthem Kneeler Arrested For Domestic Violence 7 months ago

Well, isn't that just prepo! What a wonderful example of an expectation of sympathy when they aren't worthy to receive it.

Sidney Stone Blumenthal: really who names their kid Sidney Stone, like Kidney Stone? He was destined to failure from that point on.......and hard to pass.....

I'd make them a cake alright! Add in 2 boxes of exlax and wala!

Shifty Schiff needs to go, is there any reason why he's still there? Good grief get rid of some of these clowns!

Think he had left over cocaine on his lip

They have been supporting the investigation but when the dossier was discovered it pretty much sums up the Democrat corruption. When they fire people on the team Dale its a no brainer that the Republicans do not want to pay anymore money to a witch hunt lie. It was the Democrats all along, geesh y'all are thick!

Dale I don't think you are on the same page as everyone else. I have never before caught Hannity in a lie. There was a video post this morning between Wray and Hannity if anyone is surprised its Wray but this could be a fake if hes behind it too. This crap runs all the way up and I think your perspective of Hillary and Obama will be changing soon. People will start leaving in cuffs and it isn't the Trump team!