Let's hold rallies all across the country to tell Mad Maxine that SHE is not welcome.

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Lawrence Greenberg This hag is both a psycho and a lying traitor. 15 hours 31 minutes ago

Anyone surprised? And, to think, the FBI was, at one time, considered to be above reproach, and scrupulously honest.

I don't know who LeTorneau is,but she's obviously an idiot.

I think that, if an IQ of, say 50, were ever to be a requirement for public office, AOC would have to go back to tending bar.

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Oh, no, Crooked Chuckie! Republicans playing the Politics Game?! I thought that was something reserved for Democraps. How despicable!

Great move, Mitch! Get them on the record.

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A beautiful woman with an ugly mind. I will remind that both of the anti-Jewish, anti-Israel Muslims elected to the House in November are Democraps. And, still, so many American Jews support the political party which would sell them out to the hatred of the Left. AMAZING!

Although I am an atheist, I do agree with some of the Biblical statements, including "do Unto Others, as You Would Have Others Do Unto You". Republicans need to adopt this principle, and do unto ALL Democraps as the Dems do unto Repubs. The scumbags deserve nothing else.

In the photo above, hundreds/thousands of people who want asylum in the United States. And which flags are being waved? Tells you all you need to know about them, huh?

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The candidate for public office who has the BALLS to run on a platform of kicking the UN out of the US, and ceasing ALL financial support of that worthless group of idiots will get my vote, even if he/she supports open borders and opposes everything else which I believe in.

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Patrick Plesko Almost 2 weeks ago

Harris is a U.S. Senator. She doesn't have to wait for ANYONE to approve medical treatment for her. She simply goes to a military hospital (Bethesda or Reed, for example, and says, "Treat me." The bitch.

A good move by the President,, and GO, REPUBLICAN SENATORS! SOTU is still SOTU, whether given in House chambers or Senate chambers. (But, don't be surprised if only Fox decides to televise it.)

I'm sure that, had Taheb succeeded in killing Trump, a lot of Democraps would have been tempted to give him a medal.

Irrespective of polling methods, I am not surprised by the result. I think that the majority of Americans are so jealous of the wealthy, that they actually believe a 70% bracket is a good idea. It is, of course, a TERRIBLE idea, one which would destroy the country, or one which would cause a re-introduction of tax breaks so big that the wealthy can drive a ten-ton truck through; this was the case when the top bracket was 90%. The simple fact is that the wealthy will NEVER pay that kind of exorbitant tax rate -- they contribute too much money to the campaigns of politicians to allow that kind of highway robbery.

I have said it, before, and i say it again: "Neither the President, nor ANY member of Congress should receive pay for any day in which there is not a Federal budget in place. And, they should not receive back pay, either."

rockytop Neither POTUS, his daughter or his son-in-law keep any pay issued to them.... It is donated to charitable causes. Aside from that, I'm all for your idea of applying it to the other aforementioned...

That is another reason to admire POTUS... he works long hours tirelessly, including weekends for only the room and board afforded to hm... A dedicated man like no other in recent history......

P.S. watch the negative remarks come flying from the liberals after reading this missive.
1 month ago