Tommy Fox State Senator commented on Kamala Harris Pushes For Slavery Reparations 5 days ago

Lets see if I have all this right - She is NOT a black - right??? she gets s c r e w e d by a black man and now she wants reparations for blacks???????????

Alcoff - you are a racist FOOL - your antifa crap RUINED all your good points about Payday Lenders. FOOL!!! Now about payday lending - tis one of The Worst ideas - with the most disastrous results. Legal Mafia Loan sharking.

Eugene Waldenmaier wrote:
Truth Cannot Be Changed by Belief, Faith nor Opinions
Godly people show love, generosity, respect, restore, improve, seek peace and protect our families, communities, country, constitution, life from inception until death and for next generations.
In contrast, Satan’s followers devalue life, slander, destroy, exploit, excludes boundaries, divide unity and are takers.
Now consider, study and evaluate our leaders, legislators, politicians and people to envision which group they (and each of us) are in or supporting.

Mike Woolbert wrote:
Mueller has been involved in one cover up after another thru out his career. As Randy says below he was involved in the 9/11 cover up. He was involved with the cover up at Waco - at Ruby Ridge and The Murrah Building in Oklahoma City. He was involved in the cover up at HSBC when they were busted for laundering billions of dollars worth of drug cartel and terrorist money. His old friend James Comey was never far away either. It is interesting they have him for lying to the FISA courts all the way back to 2002. Each one of those lies represents a perjury charge if found guilty each perjury charge is a felony and carries a mandatory minimum of one year in prison. A judge can rule that if the perjury covered up and aided in another crime - the penalties for that crime can be added to the perjury. We know Mueller lied to the FISA courts with the Steele dossier - so he could be looking at the rest of his life behind bars. Comey - Lynch - McCabe - Rosenstein - Holder - Clinton - Obama -and many others are looking down the barrel of a lot of those charges too. I pray to God they are ALL held accountable for what they have done.

Robert Wear wrote:
Ha!Ha!Ha! Leonard. You funny.

Daniel Vermeychuk wrote:
It's called the Trump boomarang effect. I case you haven't noticed, every time they attack Trump in some way or capacity it always seems to come back and bite them in the ass. I love it!

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Just watch folks - Pot will become NY's new tax base.

Trumps fault???? Gov. Cuomo - u suck

Now it's trumps fault - ROTFLMAO - cumo u suck

Eugene Waldenmaier wrote:
Well the Democrat DNA of higher taxes, sexual exploitation, racism, baby killing from conception to after birth, gun confiscation, elimination of voter ID so all including the illegals and felons can vote, sanctuary communities (cities and states), backing college expulsion of college students asking embarrassing questions are a little slow to pick up income.

Billdorich Gmbooks wrote:
Cuomo just had his Ass handed to him and rightfully so..."Tax the Rich," "Tax the Rich," "Tax The Rich," crap has raised its ugly head...Cortez, you better start paying ATTENTION AND LEARN...YOUR STATE IS HEADED FOR THE CRAPPER! When the Rich leave, people like Cuomo are left holding an empty bag....just like they will be left in California as thousands of RICH continue to flee the state each year, replaced by Moochers and Welfare Spongers all of whom believe the state is their Pappa that will give them FREE Education, FREE Housing, FREE Medical and Free Welfare...California is currently $128 BILLION in debt with 75,000 desperate Californians living on the streets in tents without running water or toilets, this does not include $190 BILLION in Pension Fund shortfalls...if 500,000 Californians decided to retire tomorrow the state would collapse...the money to pay them has already been spent on things like $38 BILLION each year on illegal aliens. Cuomo's spending days have come home to roost and Trump just took his **c*i** credit card away! And PLEASE, stop pissing on my leg and telling me it's I to believe Cuomo never consulted his taxing experts on how the New Trump Tax Bill effected the state of New York?...if that is true then New York deserves to go belly up! The "Big Apple" has suddenly become The Big Dumpster...

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Mr. Booker I ask you have you ever read the Bible? Yeah you’re right you’re soul does belong to God! But you cannot separate your politics and your... Show more

Gary Von Neida wrote:
Just why is it the democrats are being deemed the DEAMON-CRATS?--Could it be Their refusal to protect the average Americans from INVASION from people that STEAL from the poorest Americans?

Gary Von Neida wrote:
Just why is it the democrats are being deemed the DEAMON-CRATS?--Could it be Their refusal to protect the average Americans from INVASION from people that STEAL from the poorest Americans?

If he is a pediatrician - he should lose his license to practice.