long ago I suggested Our President begin His administration at CAMP DAVID and avoid the White
House----, not that i knew it was bugged----but, I felt it the right thing to do as I now believe it would be the best place for the STATE OF THE UNION---as We are at WAR in CONGRESS for the protection of Our Border with Mexico ans the ongoing INVASION. Let Congress watch it on the Television.


FOOD STAMPS for rewarding people that "broke into" Our House (country) is insanity on steroids.

Nancy had better spend less time in Her wine cellar.

The Obama Department of Justice is so very compromised that it is tragic.

A good read is the book: THE ART OF WAR

A good read is the book: THE ART OF WAR

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After what I learned working the housing survey in Monterey Park to Glendora I was aghast when I read the newspaper remarking on how such a SMALL Asian population---remember the house I calculated had from 20-30 living it it? All the new eating places---Hmmm--slave population??? That was 1970's reality, look closely Today---I
In China , when it 1st opened up to visitors, an Aunt of mine told me of a map She had seen in a government building---She knew I would "size it up"; NEW HOLLYWOOD CHINA
a map of Southern California, an area from SILVERLAKE to ARCADIA all shaded in RED----Hmmmmm

Using One Battalion of excavating engineers led by the DOD's Survey Teams----the foundations for THE WALL --3-5 Months, tops.Set up Concrete Plants and begin the pour---The WALL can be completed with 30,000 troops ---6-9 Months, tops.

The Census is important for planning by Our federal government---no info to be shared;yet They lied ----the numbers in california were far too low and the sewer system overflowed----They never admitted the (1970's estimate 11 Million illegals) wrong figures being responsible for the raw sewage infecting California's Surfers with skin eruptions ---The INVASION has been ongoing for well over Thirty Years and has as it's core goal: No Borders, No Sovereignty ----No California--No U S A ??

Our Military can do R&R on Our border with Mexico when They return from the Mid East , where We no longer NEED the oil.

It appears that there is a planned (from the last administration) period of martial law. FEMA CAMPS were built for this purpose--Donald John Trump was not expected to take over Our SHIP OF STATE; but, He sure did. What can We use the (supposed) re-education camps for???? Hmmmm---the CURRENT gaggle of illegals??

Were I to cast a comic figure for Rosenstein He would be a rat.

Crazy eyed Nancy and dead eyed Chuck are just Two USEFUL IDIOTS at work destroying America's sovereignty by "pushing" open borders and sanctioning the INVASION of our Country--Shame be on Them.

Soon after the Slaughter of about 10,000 protestors I had lunch with a Man that had been there in a Hotel close to the massacre. He had His room replaced with One several blocks away before that carnage began. A close friend of His was a Doctor that spent more than a Day in the Square where the (He said) blood from the victims wicked up His pant legs to his trunk. Socialism ( seduction), Communism (rape).

Great gestures by real Americans and not social/ progressives---communists. Yeah!

Joseph R. Davis There's nothing quite as enlightening and informative, as posts and ripostes from the far-rightie intelligentsia. 5 days ago
gythaendahl Quickwind There's nothing quite as enlightening and informative, as posts and ripostes from the far-leftie coward pussy bitch intelligentsia. 5 days ago