Americans do not need a "wall" similar to the illegal wall that the terrorist entity called "Israel" erected in the occupied territory of Palestine.
A fence similar to the one in the photo shown could be erected almost immediately and for 1/5 or less of the costs of a "wall". Continued patrolling by the NG, in addition to the border control employees would be effective.
However, it would not remove the millions illegally present in the US.

Roger Martin Congress needs to end the Jobs/Welfare magnets
and the underpaid foreign workers will self-deport
Joseph R. Davis I'll sing you a true song,
Of Donny the Con.
The things that he's done,
And the places he's gone.
Up in old New York City,
So far, far away.
Where a man's only friend,
Is his 401(k).

Why does Social Worker, Mrs. Dr. Ford request the involvement of the FBI ? Is her allegation a composite developed via collaboration with the Bush-Clinton-Obama stooges, Rosenstein and Mueller? The timing by comrade Feinstein indicates a Songbird,"Wet-Start" McCain type of subterfuge maneuver based on a fairy-tale. With no established record of the alleged incident, there are no grounds for an investigation of any type. Of course, Social Worker Ford wants to involve the Bush-Clinton-Obama stooges in the FBI-DOJ; typical, Obama-type, stir the pot with a fairy-tale "social work".

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No doubt, the "ghost figures" who sponsor Mrs. Ford would love to involve the Obama stooges within the FBI in the fairy-tale allegation by Ford.

The French frigate that fired missiles just prior to the IL-20 being shot down deserves a close look.
Syria is a sovereign nation and has the international right to defend its sovereignty from the Jewish terrorism that has advance on Syria since 1950, conducted by the CIA/MOSSAD. Russia and Iran were requested to assist with the defense. All other nations present in Syria violate international law and Syrian sovereignty.
The F-16s from the terrorist territory occupying Palestine, fraudulently named "Israel", that flew into Syria and bombed Syrian targets, deserve an appropriate response. Flattening the airbase from which they were sent would be adequate.
Professor Shlomo Sand, Jewish historian in the univ. of Tel-Aviv wrote two, thoroughly documented books revealing the historical fairy-tales on which "Judaism" bases the fraudulent territory of "Israel". The Invention of the Jewish People by Shlomo Sand (2009-10-19) and "The Invention of the Land of Israel: From Holy Land to Homeland," (2014).
Jewish journalist, Gerard Menuhin wrote, "Tell the Tuth and Shame the Devil", (Mar 2017) in which he thoroughly documented the lies of Judaism that created the fraudulent "Holocaust". Ursula Haverbeck Wetzel, an 80+ yr-old, German grandmother acquired German documents that established that no gas chambers were present in the NAZI, slave-labor stalags.

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- a continuation of evil fairy-tales. One need only review the timing and source of allegations to comprehend the motivation of the fraudulent charges. And, the frauds making the allegations !

Maxine Simon likes Doc Browning's comment in Kavanaugh accuser says she is willing to testify before Senate 5 days ago
Maxine Simon likes Doc Browning's comment in Kavanaugh accuser says she is willing to testify before Senate 5 days ago