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Well, well, well.

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I hope Cory Booker and Diane Feinstein aren’t objecting: they’ spent the last week handing out documents they had no right to.

Everyone knows that declassification rests with the President.

The biggest problem is this: Democrats have already said, "If you are a Republican, you are a N@ZI!" We see where this is going - it is going to silence their political opponents.

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SEN Murphy: unless you own stock in these companies, they do not work for you. What content they host is their business, but when YOU start dictating that, then the GOVERNMENT is telling me what to do and that's a non-starter.

They owe him BIG TIME!

More like "gleefully shreded Comey's Emails."


This is why I find it hard to condemn President Obama: those against him seem to be even more corrupt and dishonest than their worst caricature of President Trump.

Come on, folks. Up until the summit, the Left kept telling us that "Trump will take us to war." Then, the Democrats presented a list of demands that THEY never demanded of President Obama and never tried to put into their own political platform. After the summit, they declared President Trump to be "weak." Whatever he does, the Dems will just say the opposite.

I do not want an unnecessary war, but if Iran is working to rev up its nuclear weapons program - that it lied about ever having - then they may get the hand that they have dealt themselves.

Leonard, at what point did you think your hate-filled, condescending name-calling would mean anything?

You Dems just got your vote on destroying ICE - a call supported by Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris. The Democrats filed it in the House and it got - what? 14 votes? 90% of all Democrats voted against it and 100% of all Republicans. You are out of touch.

Sorry, guys: President Trump is doing what he promised he would do AND FULFILLING YET ONE MORE CAMPAIGN PROMISE.

It does not matter to me, if it makes Putin "happy." If Germany and others would simply do what THEY ALREADY PROMISED THEY WOULD DO, then the alliance would be STRENGTHENED, and not weakend. That's not our problem.

I was stationed in Germany and was also a DA civilian there, later on. While Germany does in fact defray the costs of our presence, the time has come for them to live up to their promises, OR WE SHOULD GO HOME.

Rhonda Reichel Worked real well on 9/11 didn't it?
5 dancing Israelis got on TV and admitted they were there to witness the event.
2 months ago
Robert Webster James Wherry
Now why exactly is the US Military in any place in Europe, you said you were there as military, what were you stationed there for, let me answer your question, we were there to hold Russia in from spreading over all of Europe and that is why we will stay there for some time in the future, it is more to the US benefit to be there than it is for the Countries we are in. I to have been in the military and retired as O6 recommended for General, it is taught in war college that we need...
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2 months ago
Rich Knoch Spot On!

But, but, but . . . why don't other NATO nations pay their fair share?
2 months ago

Wonderful news! Creating a “Socialist” policy means taking care of your own poor, right???

Also, Mexico will now take in all of the world’s poor.

At least that’s how my American left-wing friends define it.

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Rattlerjake Funny how the new Mexican't Prez is more interested in the US's business then his own. You'd think his priority would be to get Mexico out of the shithole it is in! 3 months ago

Uhhh, “illegal?”

Her word, not ours. Crossing the border “Uninspected” is a CRIME.

And just as President Obama separated 89,000 children from their criminal parents, so should President Trump. And since kids aren’t housed with adult criminals, there’s no choice.

The alternative is to just let anyone who shows up towing a child on a harrowing journey will be allowed to stay and then illegally steal a US job.