Screw Steny and his illegal Latino rapist and m.u.r.d .e.r e.r.s he can eat poop and die for all we care he's a pimp for Obama and Soros .

Pelosi and net work medias are dumb as a rock Senate has the power of all laws where congress is only supposed to tell senate and the president what their people who vote for them want which is illegals and Muslims proving demos stole their elections as always.Congress has been total powerless for 10 years this month . Obama proved Congress is not needed .

The facts are in and Democrates party all paid for this which is the worst crime against a person running for president in the history of America. FBI , Some CIA all demos and some republicans was in on the crime . Only hope for FBI is to arrest all involve if it takes ten years so be it or citizens can arrest them by common law and we can easily put up compounds to hold them.

Pelosi said she doesn't except the facts of illegals murdering or doing rape and other serious crimes . FBI has a job but obey demos most of the time. This easy crime for 3rd worlds will stop one way or another because God sees his children abused beyond belief.

Terroist keep coming and saying Islam approved jihad and demos keep saying religion of peace and we must except sharia Muslim law and so does Rinos. As long as they can walk in at the boarder USA will collapse and elected don't do crap about this crisis.Hell BY , Calf and Michigan put sharia law people in power over congress to kill us.

Without proper ID when you kill them they still are a unknown corpse. Can't ID them after their dead. Easy to ship them outside USA and no one knows where they came from like buried bodies in Mexico shows up often and what and who is unknown . also illegals with no ID can't be missing from USA as they have no history here to investigate .

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Under Obamas gay leaders in military they became like navy a bunch of useless wossies who can't do physical trials or likely can't protect their own self let alone us.

When its time to draw their pay they only get paid for days worked but lazy workers will cry because they didn't work and not owed. Its like banking money for later.

The judges rulung will get citizens harmed and killed and the judge has done a hanous crime so should citizens retaliate and punish the judge who punished us for being born citizens not illegal terrorist as those he helps terrorize us? One good turn deserves another Right?

Chuck Parsons QUOTE: “Inciting fear in our residents is not only immoral, but also ill-conceived.” Since when is an ILLEGAL a RESIDENT?? Out of the mouth of another LIBERAL obama judge. ILLEGALS have NO RIGHT to vote on ANYTHING in OUR COUNTRY. Only CITIZENS have the right to vote. 2 days ago

62 million women are idiots no judge in any state can force Ga to obey their theif of money for women being nasty whores.

Only people who trust FBI are known USA enemies , the John Lewis and Sharpton types, demos and traitor republicans. Which Sessions is along with McCain and Ryan.

Heads up GOP we whites do the donating and we're not raisist we're not ashamed to be white but non whites and gobalist call all whites raisist for only our color so I will not give GOP donations until you show me what I will get same as blacks and Latinos do and you pour it on them like dam candy and its ours you give bit yours. Either end raisisum on whites are take your medicine .It will be bitter .

Terry McGough The Earp post is a joke right? Meant to make King supporters look like retards- spelling, grammar and punctuation errors that would disqualify anyone from entering third grade. It's gotta be a fraud right? 3 days ago
Joseph R. Davis Perhaps he's one of Putin's faux-righties. 3 days ago

In beginning to think Trump got these nut cases in elected sets to help him win in 2020 and boy is it working good !

Whites have no elected officials taking care if us so I will not donate one more dime to the white hatting GOP and trumps has given n.g .e.s everything we have like many trillions to go into black shit holes over the next century but nothing for whites but pay N ---er taxes.war like hell we've been betrayed ***ew them all.

It was never a poll its CNN and other media lies as usual.Only fools believe these haters and criminals.